Comforting Lies, Unpleasant Truths..

A few weeks ago I left my bike in another gym with the lock on it but not attached to anything and have since managed to lose the key.

Yesterday I was training a doctor who I would consider to be very successful in a number of areas. But despite the fact that she could probably live the high life she is still a very down to earth North Dublin woman with no airs and graces whatsoever.

When I told her the story about my bike, she reacted as I’d expect her to:

“You f*****g eejit”.

I think this ability to be straight with others and herself is what has
been a huge factor in her success.

I’ve worked for some people who I would consider tough. But they are some of the people who I’ve probably learned the most from as they highlighted the things that I was doing right/wrong or not doing enough of in the first place.

Sometimes that “tough love” is needed in your fitness as well.

Too often people (or yourself) will give you an “out” where they tell you things like:

“Sure it’s Monday morning, you’re prob a bit fed up after the weekend have that bar.”

“It’s Thursday, you can’t start a training regime until Monday.”

“You didn’t sleep well last night, don’t worry about the gym today.”

I definitely don’t suggest being unnecessarily hard on yourself or others but if you are constantly giving yourself an out when it comes to your fitness or are listening to too many others who give you an out, give yourself a reality check and start making progress again!