I sometimes wonder if I was smart enough to know how challenging it was going to be changing careers to get into Personal Training full time would I have gone ahead with it. This way of thinking doesn’t tend to stay with me too long as the change in hours, uncertainty, at times stress and whatever other challenges grew from the change have been more than balanced out by the rewards it has provided for me — if anything it’s a move I should have made earlier.

Undoubtedly change is hard and can be stressful — we like certainty and getting out of a comfort zone is not an easy thing to do. I also often wonder that if more people were aware of the rewards that a small amount more effort with their fitness regime would bring about would they start to implement the changes necessary — a bit earlier. Because with all of the fitness information and facilities available there’s no reason for anyone who wants to improve their fitness not making it happen.

If you’re someone who is keen to improve your fitness but are struggling with the challenge of making the necessary changes, here’s 5 tips to help you overcome them:

1. DON’T TRY DOING IT ALL ALONE: I was very lucky that I got to work for the likes of Karl Henry and the Irish Strength Institute — learning so much from Karl about communicating with people and the ISI about different training methods etc. These along with doing numerous courses helped make the transition a lot easier for me. If you’re starting a health regime, I can’t emphasise the benefit of getting help from a Trainer/Group/Class/Training Partner or anyone who can help educate and hold you accountable when you hit your own challenges.

2. KEEP THINKING OF KAIZEN: Often people make getting into shape away more overwhelming than it needs to be, by biting off far more than they can chew after completely neglecting their health for an extended period. A far more effective method is to take it in steps but building one habit at a time. It’s been said in here before but a 1% improvement every day for one year leads to a 3,800% gain over 12 months.

3. WRITE A LIST OF THE BENEFITS: By having a list of the benefits of getting fitter and healthier written out it will help with your motivation to first of all start and secondly keep going when the doubts/obstacles are coming thick and fast.

4. NO COMPARISONS: In the last week I’ve spoken to a couple of people who while very successful in their own right, were comparing themselves health wise and a couple of other ways to people putting things up on the likes Instagram and Facebook. Doing this when it comes to your fitness will only leave you disheartened and more likely to quit. A better strategy is to realise everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses and that most of what is on social media is just a highlights reel. Then go back to focusing on kaizen.

5. SET PROCESS GOALS: Short, medium and long term outcome goals are all important so that you know what you want to achieve, but we would put an equal emphasis on process goals where you have a list of daily activities that you need to keep doing to improve your health. Such as food diary tracking, hydrating effectively, eating certain amount of veg every day. If you keep doing the necessary processes day in, day out, you’ll gain the momentum that’ll help you overcome any challenges that come your way.

A lot of people will say that it is so hard to make health changes a part of their routine and I hear them, if it were easy everyone would be in fantastic shape. And things like work/life/kids can get in the way.

Last night we had a pizza night where Marcin (who is a CFC Trainer also) made some phenomenal pizzas for us. You see before he became a trainer he was a chef. One who moved from Poland to Ireland with a wife and two young kids, very little English and obviously plenty of challenges. Despite this he made the move into Personal Training who loves what he does — making the change work for him and his family.

That’s why I’d say he has earned the (Superman) Apron he was given for making the pizza’s last night.

If you’re struggling with your fitness, just start owning the challenge and before long you can feel like a superhero as well..

Because we understand it is a challenge for people to make the necessary changes to their fitness regimes, we are obsessed with making sure that we offer all of the support and motivation that we can in the Christchurch Fitness Centre to facilitate these changes for people coming to our gym. If you’d like to know more about the services we offer to do this, send us a mail to info(at)christchurchfitnesscentre.com and we can discuss helping you become your own Super Hero then…