Inch by Inch…

Every now and again when I was growing up dad would take a notion and decide to tidy my room.

It absolutely wrecked my head!

I always knew that I would get the whole “if you just spend 5 minutes a day putting things away it will be far, far easier to keep tidy and you wouldn’t have to do a big clean” lecture.

I got back from an extended trip to Australia recently enough and I’ll be honest I didn’t initially make keeping my bedroom tidy a priority when I got back.

It wasn’t dirty but it certainly wasn’t tidy either. If you get me;)

Every time my room door was open and one of my flatmates walked past he told me how untidy it was and it kind of brought me back to dads lecture!!

So a few weeks ago I decided to try and apply the whole habits based thinking around my bedroom.

Any time I walked in I decided to tidy at least 3 things in the room.

Since then I have always looked for something in the room to tidy when I walked in and it has helped me develop a much tidier room very quickly — when I did a “big clean” on Saturday it took no time at all.

What’s my point?

I am convinced that you can apply this line of thinking very easily to your health and fitness habits.

Really it is the only way to work it for real long term benefits in my opinion.

Continue making small improvements every day and quite quickly it will build into a healthier, fitter body that you can maintain.

Eg. Detox a little bit every day by squeezing some lemon into your water and then you don’t have to go for a crazy detox or buy an expensive crap “Life Changing” Aloe Vera product.

A couple of people have asked me recently how I manage to stay off so much rubbish food each week.

And I am convinced that it is playing the long game and building up towards this consistently instead of relying on a load of motivation to burst through temptations every now and again.

That and having the accountability provided in the No Beer, No Badness Facebook Group.

From setting this group up and watching what goes on in it every day it is very obvious that motivation bursts come and go for most people but consistency is hard to maintain.

So for anyone who feels that they are falling off the wagon or are annoyed with the highs and lows of their motivation levels, re focus and think about having a green tea instead of a diet coke like I do now about putting books on the shelf in my room instead of leaving them on the floor.

Do it consistently and you’ll soon have a body as fit as my room is tidy!!

Kills me to admit it but dad was right..

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