How to Win Startup Weekend: A Hustler’s Guide
Ross Currie

Great article. Thank you for writing it.

I would like to challenge this: “Things not to focus on: Validation fails and pivots. Remember, you’re not pitching your Startup Weekend journey”

I wish everyone did exactly that. I like to think that if all Startup Weekend pitches focused on validation and the learning journey that the team experienced over the three days, including failures and pivots, we’d see a huge increase in the number of success stories coming out these events. If the focus is on learning, and if learning is what’s celebrated in the final pitches, participants would walk away with a deeper understanding of lean startup methods and a project/product that is more likely to succeed because it’s grounded in customer validation.

I understand why people want to “win” a Startup Weekend. It feels good. The competition is fun. But I think they’re missing a bigger opportunity if they spend 3 days building something no one wants just to “win.”

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