I have more friends in Atlanta than in Tucson (where I actually live). My company — Your Ideas Are Terrible — is based in Atlanta where my teammates Carie and Trish live. A majority of our clients are in Atlanta. I’ve facilitated Startup Weekends in Atlanta, run workshops at General…

Welcome to Part 5 of our series on throwing impactful corporate hackathons. In Part 4 we talked about promoting your event and recruiting talented hackers to attend.

In this post, we focus on day-of activities and event facilitation strategies.

It’s the day of your hackathon. You didn’t sleep well, lying…

Welcome to Part 4 of our series on corporate hackathons. In Part 3 we supplied the ultimate hackathon budget template, Part 2 tackled planning and success criteria, and Part 1 defined corporate hackathons and described their benefits.

In this post we focus on getting talented, and targeted, hackers to attend.

Welcome to Part 3 of our series on corporate hackathons! In Part 2 we tackled the most important step — planning and success criteria. In this post we’ll do a deep-dive into the nitty-gritty of budgeting.

Here is the template — keep reading for instructions.

Hackathon, eh? So … how much will it cost?


Wasn’t that easy? Of…

What do you picture when you hear about a “hackathon”? A conference room full of empty pizza boxes? A scene from the movie The Social Network? Black t-shirts and Macbook Airs?

Many of our corporate clients ask us for advice about planning and running hackathons.
How much should we budget…

Who buys 10 staplers in 2016?

I can’t remember the last time I bought a stapler. Sure, I own one. But I have to search for the friggin’ thing whenever I need it. It surprised me to learn that around 20 million are still sold every year.

Who in the world is buying them? New college…

It’s been my experience that [Liberal Arts Graduates] look at issues from various perspectives and find new ways of doing things. In other words, they think critically. And once they have a new idea, they communicate their thinking clearly and persuasively. They understand intuitively that the idea is important, but…

It happens all the time. Your CXO attends a conference and hears about a problem in a different domain — one where your organization has little experience.

Suddenly you find yourself researching and attending meetings exploring this amazing new opportunity. And your gut is telling you …. …

In our work helping corporations design and implement innovation strategies, we found a majority of our clients had launched idea crowdsourcing platforms.

But as we talked with the people who built and managed these platforms, we learned that many had been launched with great fanfare and quietly forgotten only months…

Shane Reiser

Partner at Your Ideas Are Terrible, Director of The Bridge Atlanta, President @startupgenome

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