Nowt doin’ and crap telly…

14th April 2017;

Been a busy week, and though I’ve ventured forth into the Metropolis a fair few times nowt’s happened that’s caught my attention.

So I thought i’d do a quick post about ‘The Super Orgasm’ which was shown on Channel 4 last night. I have to say i’m none too keen on programmes of this nature as they usually involve a substantial amount of charlatanism, bucket-loads of cod-psychology and ‘new age’ piffle.

I was not to be disappointed; just plain dismayed. The bit that I watched involved some professor type character with a rather self satisfied look on his kite, who’d been researching this phenomenon for 10 years! Now if that isn’t a doss job I don’t know what is!

His research involved the use of a booth (or ‘come cupboard’ as I dubbed it) that was full of technical kit that filmed the subject whilst she pleasured herself (…pretty sure most of his subjects happened to women; surprise, surprise!) and also monitored synapses and blood flow.

At this point I lost interest and had another stab at reading my current tome; ‘Reading Lolita in Tehran’. As you can probably guess it’s about an illegal book club in the Iranian capital, where the Islamic authorities (clearly) take a pretty dim view of such novels. I’m starting to take a dim view of it’s self important/pseudy tone and liberal use of Americanisms. So it’s being consigned to the charity box forthwith. Disappointing!

Anyway, whilst struggling with the book I happened to catch a section of ‘The Super Orgasm’ where a middle aged lady was twatting on about tantrism and how she could almost reach her ‘petit morte’ if her partner stares with real concentration -for a protracted period I would imagine- at her ‘hoo-hoo’… bet he glances at his watch once or twice during this palaver too.

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