Odd acts of kindness…

6th February 2016:

Bad start to last week. Received a phone call from The Main Squeeze at 090:00 Monday morning. Flat tyre within walking distance. No problem methinks. Mounted shank’s pony up the hill to rescue the damsel! Arrived at the scene 10 mins later extracted the jack attached it to the jacking point. Jacked up the car, retrieved the spare from it’s cage under the car, ready for replacement.

The f**king thing is flat! Now this puts a WHOLE new spin on this scenario!
So, the Main Squeeze (as resourceful as ever!) phones her old lady to come out with a compressor to ‘put the wind in the wheel’. Which she does. I’m not that convinced as I think the spare has a slow. But, sure enough the plan works and we have a pretty firm spare (matron). Back to where we started. Can I get the wheel OFF the car? 
Can I Bollocks!

It seems that Jeff Capes has been round and attached our wheel with a compressor gun made by Satan himself! I stood on the brace as it was attached to the locking nut and it didn’t budge. Shit biscuits!
Had to call out the rescue folks who turned up an hour later with a wheel brace no less than 2 feet long and made me look like a right pussy! Flat off, spare on, well with in 5 minutes! I’m sure I copped a withering look from said mechanic into the bargain.

Anyway; During all this drama, there were a few occurrences that restored my faith in humanity… No less than 3 separate vehicles stopped to offer help! I was astounded.

All working lads in vans too. None of yer 4x4 characters that inhabit a fair bit of our neck o’ the woods, nah. Oh, and hiker fella who offered his services, but to no avail as the chuffing wheel nuts wouldn’t budge. 
So thanks to all you folks who offered help. I salute you as good solid chaps!

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