On looking a bit uptight in a foreign capital

7th May 2016

Nothing quirky or amusing has caught my attention or happened to me of late, so here’s another incident involving an Eastern European woman.

About 10 years ago I was sent out to Prague for about 4 days to do a webcast. The job went well and we’d just published it so Keith J Haley and myself went out for dinner before flying back home the next day.

It was about midnight and we were walking back through a very crowded Wenceslas Square. Out of the blue I felt a tug at my elbow and turned to find a fairly short pretty woman of about 20 stood there. She then pipes up and says; ‘you come with me, we have fun. I give you blow job’. I just started to laugh and politely declined her offer.

Keith seemed a bit put out by the fact that she’d not collared him. I, on the other hand had taken the opposite view and was extremely miffed. 
Now, i’m a fairly miserable looking fella. But I didn’t think I’m so glum looking that I needed the attentions of a Czech prostitute! ‘Do I look as if I need one?’ I said to Keith, and again, hailed the nearest huff!

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