The Sewing Bee

5th July 2016:

Did anyone see the Sewing Bee last night? For those who didn’t I have to tell you there was a situation in the last round that fair raised my eyebrows. The contestants had to make an evening gown and they could have the model of their choice, a friend or relative. Charlotte, the quirky yoghurt weaver c/w tattoos and geeky specs, chose her husbands new wife! HILARIOUS!

Not only that, but her ex’s new squeeze was a fair bit more attractive than old Charlotte. Tall, elegant and quite pretty and I suspect a good few years younger. Not that I think Charlotte looks like a bulldog licking piss off a toilet seat, but there was a MARKED difference between the two women.

They were proper matey too! But overly so, probably hiding under the thin veneer of cooey chick-lit chumminess, is I suspect, a shit load of florescent green sexual jealousy and blood shitting resentment.
Now, I wonder how many times Charlotte accidentally-on-purpose jabbed her ex’s new woman with a pin during fitting? More than once or twice methinks. Still, better than sharp stab through the carotid artery with the dressmaking shears.

And to cap it all squeeze №2 looked like a chuffing princess in the blue satin gown that Charlotte made for her. Still, Charlotte won the Sewing Bee; every cloud eh?!

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