…here be harpies!

18th August 2016:

Tuesday afternoon was very civilised and was spent sampling a tincture in the sunshine outside The Grand Hotel in St. Anne’s. Very nice!

After a time 2 ladies appeared and sat at an table adjacent to The Main Squeeze and I. From the outset it was obvious that these two were mother and daughter and under the patina of a frosty politeness, didn’t much care for each other. They both ordered drinks; a glass of rose for the old lady and a Luscombe’s lemonade for the daughter. By the look of these two it was a fairly safe bet that these drinks were not the norm in the tipple taking; they both looked as if they were used to a good slug of Sarson’s on a fairly regular basis.

Not only were they quite sour with each other they were fairly abrupt with the table staff too. And spoke to the lovely Eastern European waitress as if she were a complete numpty. After giving her a thorough grilling about the content of the food the old lady pipes up and asks if the risotto contained rice!?!!!? Now, in my book if you are so much of a twat that you absolutely insist on talking to waiters, bartenders, shop assistants etc as if they are some lower species, you should at least KNOW YOUR SHIT!

Making the basic culinary faux pas of not knowing what risotto is, and then continuing with a sniffy attitude towards your server just shows that you’re not quite as hoity-toity as you’re making out and that you are basically a bit ignorant as well as being hopelessly insecure.

And so they went on with lunch whilst blowing an icy breeze over the Main Squeeze and me. It’s a flippin’ good job that neither of these harpies happened to glance over at our table otherwise my belini would’ve gone flat!