Ways to address a lady

15th July 2016:

After getting a question wrong in the medicine quiz I decided to gen up on my FBCs U’s and E’s and generally to hike up my GCS. So I watched last Saturday’s Casualty. Now, this is a programme I never miss and probably owing to a girly sulk on Saturday evening over not being able to imbibe, I missed it. Fortunately it was recorded. Great!

After that I watched last nights’ Celebrity Master Chef, which I don’t mind, and if I happen to find it’s on telly, i’ll give it a viddy. Anyway, last night Greg Wallace called Cherry Healy, mate!(?)

One don’t call a lady mate! Love or darlin’ yes. But mate? Or, my favourite term of endearment I always use when dealing with shop-girls, barmaids and female counter workers generally; sugar tits!*
*Cold callers love it!

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