Car Tuning: Is It Possible To Get It Done On Outdated Vehicles?

Shane Smith
Feb 22 · 3 min read

Whether you have a hatchback, sedan, compact SUV, or an SUV, a personal vehicle is one of the most precious assets owned by a person. Therefore, when it comes to looking after its maintenance a person does not leave any stone unturned to let it stop due to any mechanical problem. But, as time passes, there is a depreciation in the performance exhaust of every vehicle, despite its cost. This, although, is a natural process, but, at the same time, it develops the line of tension on the owner. Because, this, indirectly, increases the cost of its maintenance. Anyhow, as they do not have any other option to combat the existing situation, they are compelled to drive the vehicle according to their preference.

Interestingly, going, through the concern of car owners the technique of car tuning has been in the practice from a long time and will continue to exist for years to come, however, with lots of modifications. Because, with changing time not only the process of car manufacturing has undergone vast changes, but, also the methods of looking after its mechanism have also changed. The days have gone back when every component under the bonnet was maintained manually. With the use of computer software, the process of tuning the car has undergone vast changes, and now the particular software is used to enhance the performance of your car.

One more interesting change, that has been introduced in the process of tuning, is that it is not stagnated only to updating the engine’s settings, but, also includes upgrading the components like the exhaust system, wheels, air intake system, igniting, suspension, brakes, etc. The only difference is that where the setting of the engine is conducted by rewriting the program installed in the engine control unit (ECU), the component, responsible for controlling the overall functioning of the engine. As far as upgrading the other components is concerned, it mainly refers to replacing them with their aftermarket versions.

The main reason for replacing these components is that due to regular drive, these components have to perform their role, according to changing driving conditions, and, as the time passes, there is a decline in their performance. As the aftermarket components are developed with strong material, they are helpful in enhancing the performance of these components. Going, through, the plethora of benefits enjoyed by tuning the car, owners of different cars are enjoying the improved performance of their beloved car.

It would be interesting to know, that, taking the advantage of this process, various, car lovers, who are passionate about the old cars are buying the rolled out versions of such cars and getting them tuned by the expert tuners for enjoying their drive. Let us for instance talk about the Land Rover Defender, the one time famous SUV giant that ruled the hearts of car lovers for almost three decades, till 2016, is capable for delivering the improved performance after tuning. An interesting feature about tuning the outdated tuning is that apart from engine upgrades, the car tuning will also include, cosmetic upgrades on both the exterior and interior front.

The list of upgrades offered on the exterior front comprises of full body restoration, replacing the body panel, repaint, upgrading the accessories like panoramic windows, bumpers, window tinting, wheels and tyres upgrade. Inside the cabin, the tuning project will revolve around, upgrading the upholstery depending upon the preferences of the buyer, door cards, dashboard, the roof lining, carpet, sunroof, seats, and others.

Apart from these upgrades, depending upon the requirements of the buyers, the tuners will upgrade the vehicle according to your expectations.

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