Is it just me?

Your first day at a new job is the second most stressful day you will have. It doesn’t matter what that job is, your progress through your career, or even if anybody noticed what transpired.

The story is the same for virtually everyone, so I’m sure you know exactly what I mean. It’s that tight knot in the base of your stomach as you walk up to the door for the first time, and it’s the nervous sweat as you wait for your new boss to come get you from the front desk. It’s your awkward…

“Software has two types of value: the value of its behavior and the value of its structure. The second of these is the greater of the two because it is this value that makes software soft.”
Robert C. Martin, Clean Architecture

We live in a software-defined culture. You call a car with an app on your phone. You make a call to Grandma or your doctor via VoIP. Bored on the train, you sort through a never-ending stream of photos and ideas. All of these experiences are fundamentally possible because of their nature as software.

The systems that we…

No, this isn’t Vegas, you’re not Siegfried, and we’re not talking about tigers. This is about taking your business to the next level.

Picture a past project that didn’t go well. The budget is blown and nothing is working. You’re sleeping in your car or in a hotel nearby when you get to sleep at all. None of the systems that should be working are cooperating. The customer is present and peeved. Reaching your breaking point, you pick up the phone. Who do you call?

Meet your Tiger Team.

The year is 1964. The Surgeon General announces that smoking ‘might’ be harmful to your…

Don Norman is something of a hero in the design community but is rarely known outside of it. Known by many designers as the father of the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) field, his work has spanned academic and professional pursuits of greater volume than most. Of his many theories and publications, the Three Levels of Design may be the most popular (after Norman Doors of course).

Visceral Design

Visceral Design is usually summarized as your ‘gut feeling’. Much of this is shaped by past experience or assumptions. When I was younger, I volunteered in many food drives. It was often a miserable job…

After more than a decade of speculating about and bemoaning the upcoming AV/IT Convergence, I think we can finally all agree that it has arrived. Personally, I am greeting it with open arms. However, the honeymoon hasn’t always been pleasant. The slow transition has provided a large amount of IT technologies inside of everyday AV products, but these are often adjusted or masked into more AV friendly terms and interfaces to ease the adoption. …

How healthy is your business? How do you know?

The world is increasingly driven by data analysis. The operational KPIs that are required in an organization go far beyond that which the integrator traditionally even sees. In a data-driven world, the modern integrator (and the one that will thrive into the future) is the one that drives this shift by focusing on collecting meaningful data from the mass quantity of deployments to drive both internal decision making and the conversation at the customer level.

What Does a Room Even Cost?

Current studies suggest that the cost of a space is 30% capital and 70% operational/maintenance costs…

June isn’t usually a time to hear about Ghosts, Zombies, or Phantoms, but these nefarious elements abound all year. I’m talking about Ghost/Zombie Meetings. They’re very real, and they’re out to get you. The difference between a Ghost Meeting and a Zombie Meeting is pretty simple: a Ghost Meeting is a single occurrence of a resource (conference room) being booked and unusable by others, but resulting in no gain to the business due to nobody showing up to use the resource. A Zombie Meeting is the same but reoccurs regularly (from this point on, Zombie meetings will refer to both…

Shane Springer

An industry veteran in Collaboration. A technologist and hobby farmer with love of learning spanning from horticulture to machine learning.

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