A Method to the Medium.

I began writing a couple of weeks ago, right here on Medium. It’s surprisingly nice. Hence why I am here now, looking at that same screen, just me and my words.

This has been a long time coming. I have attempted to write before, but I never felt like I had anything worth writing about. My words would always seem forced, never genuine or substantial. I felt arrogant to even think that I could provide value to others given how young I was. However, as I discovered whilst writing my previous post, I was wrong. I have received countless lessons, met many people and made a wonderful amount of mistakes during my life. The nature of being human on this earth means we can only learn a finite number of lessons, meet a finite number of great people and make a finite number of mistakes. The beauty I see in writing is providing a medium (heh) for others to share in the value you gained from lessons, people, and mistakes.

If you are not writing, you should. Just because you have not made a million nor started a successful business does not mean your words cannot help others or even yourself to do so. Become a content creator. Put yourself out there. Share the journey you have been on, what you have learnt from the mistakes you have made and the people you have met. Write about that time you nearly got sued and what you learnt from it or how you use sticky notes on your monitor to remind you of tasks you would normally forget. Big or small, a lesson is a lesson, and ultimately even the smallest of lessons produce progress.

Every day is a school day. If that isn't true for you, it should be.

With this in mind, look forward to more from me. I will be sharing the lessons I have learnt from people wiser than I, the value I have extracted from my mistakes and the occasional thought that I can’t get out of my head.

I have a lot to write.

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