The night ahead is dark and full of terrors. But together we will prevail.

I know I’ve been very outspoken lately. I know I’m tall, white, & blonde. I know I have it easy. I also know my voice will be heard more than some others. I hate that but it is the truth of our country & I will use it to my advantage

I stand up for those without a voice. I stand up for those who cannot, or will not stand up for themselves. Too long have we sat on the sidelines while our brothers and sisters of color, and Hispanic descent have cried for our help. While law enforcement degraded our brothers and sisters we sat aside and said: “No. Not us. It’s not our problem. Let them act and speak up for themselves.”

I know I am guilty of standing by and I regret & apologize for it with every fiber of my being. Brothers & sisters: I am sorry. No more will this fear and inaction occur. Everyone has a voice. Everyone needs to speak up for the rights and well being of our fellow Americans. I’m not perfect and I’m learning everyday and so will you. Take criticism and take it kindly. Ask for understanding. Ask for help. Have conversations with those around you and be open to advice.

Regardless of party affiliations, this is no longer a bipartisan issue, this is a human issue. This is an issue of freedom. Most of all speak up, stand up. March. Rally. Organize your friends and family. Stand for the beliefs our country was founded on. Alone our voices echo, but together our voices shake the very foundation of tyranny that has descended upon us.

We welcome you into our movement of justice, freedom, and rights for all with open arms. We welcome you with love. Do not be afraid. Share your message & your voice — if you welcome one into the fold of the just side of history, you have done so much more than you know.

Do not grow tired. Do not grow weary. The night ahead is dark and full of terrors. But together we will prevail.