It’s 10:34PM Pacific Time

Here we are, sitting together as you read my mind. Time flies by faster now. More relationships, more responsibility, more working to leave this place better than it was found.

We all have different purposes for our time. Some of that time’s purpose overlaps with another person. Some of that time is for “get the hell away from me so I can think”. We all have one thing though, that’s the time we are given.

Surprisingly, every single person has 24 hours to a day. Chosen by us, we get to live this privilege of life however we choose. One privilege we all possess is time. How did you spend your 24 today? Did you fear letting something go? How about let fear get the best of you? Are you right back where you started? Will a positive residual of today’s time carry over till tomorrow? I sure hope so. Time can residually work against you or for you, that’s your choice.

Now try to answer these questions… Did you do something to better your… Health? Passion? Love? Family? Faith? Or even your rubik cube skills? (that was something I did)

The worst handout I’ve witnessed people give is their time when it’s not deserved. YOU CAN NOT GET IT BACK! Make your time here (on earth) timeless thinking of things like love, passions, dreaming, working hard, or even a good bowl of ice cream…You’ll feel a lot more free to be. Accept time, take advantage of ever minute, leave a mark somewhere, and be prepared to bump elbows.

It’s late, I’ve had a drink, so that’s enough from me.

I give this with love and good intention.

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