Fly Fishing in St. Augustine

Fly fishing is one of the most relaxing watersports for individuals, family and friends. When you’re out on the water, and there’s no sound but the splash of fish and the call of the seagulls, you really couldn’t get any happier. St. Augustine is by far one of the best places to fly fish in Florida. It sits right along the Matanzas Bay, and has plenty of places to go fresh or saltwater fishing. Plus, St. Augustine is a prime destination for Florida tourism — you just can’t go wrong with planning a fly fishing trip here.

Inshore, you can catch bluefish, jacks, ladyfish, spanish mackerel, tarpon, and snook. But when you’re fly fishing, you’ll mostly be targeting redfish and bass. These species are both fun to catch and make for an excellent dinner after your trip! You’ll need the right gear, however, and a little experience fly fishing. Or, book a fly fishing charter with one of St. Augustine’s trusted fishing guides.

Selecting your rod. Fly rods are different from other fishing rods because of their weight and length. Fly rods are categorized as fast-action, medium-action or slow action, which affects how accurate and easy the are to cast. They are tailored to the casting technique you use when on the flats or in shallow water. You can purchase your own fly fishing rod, or use one from the fishing charter company.

Tying the flies. You should know the proper way to tie your fly line before you go out on the water. You want to make sure your knots are tight and secure before you start casting. You can learn how to tie basic fly fishing knots with relative ease. If you’re having trouble, check out this Youtube video on how to do some of the basic fly fishing knots.

Learning how to cast. Fly casting technique is different from spinner casting. You’re trying to imitate a fly jumping on the water, which requires more control of the bait and the rod. Many fishermen try fly fishing because to poses a challenge to their ability. It’s a little bit difficult to learn, but an experienced fly fisherman can show you the ropes. Soon you’ll be catching fish in the rivers and inlets of St. Augustine.

From late spring to fall you can fish in the St. Augustine flats. During the winter the area is too shallow, but as it warms up the water is deep enough to go fly fishing. This summer, plan your fly fishing trip for St. Augustine, Florida. Have fun!