St. Augustine Fishing Resources

St. Augustine is one of the oldest fishing towns in all of Florida.. It’s notoriety as a supplier of shrimp and seafood to the Southeast has helped it build a reputation among saltwater anglers. Many come to visit the city and enjoy the saltwater fishing and watersports it has to offer. Before you plan a fishing trip to St. Augustine, you should become familiar with the area and it’s best fishing spots.

St. Augustine is close to the Atlantic ocean, as well as the Matanzas River, Salt Run, Gulf Stream and Tolomato River. Each of these bodies of water offers fishermen a unique experience and a variety of species to catch. You can learn more about the fishing seasons, species, and best places to catch from these St. Augustine guides:

Visit St. Augustine— This guide gives a little detail on St. Augustine history, and provides recommendations for the best places and times of year to fish. You can find information about freshwater, canoe and kayak, pier, and offshore fishing charters. Visit St. Augustine also has information about travel accommodations and things to do in the city. If you’re planning a vacation, this website has everything you need.

USA Today Travel Tips — USA Today recently published a deep sea fishing guide for St. Augustine. The article provides fishing and vacationing tips for St. Augustine. It also helps you decide which type of charter to choose. USA Today is a great resource for all types of travel, sports and places to visit around the country.

Local Guide St. Augustine — This guide can tell you all about the fishing reports for 2017. It has inside information from local fishermen and charter companies on the best times to fish, and where people are having the most luck. It has reports for this season, as well as reports dating back to 2014. You can also check out some other outdoor recreation in St. Augustine with this comprehensive resource.

Inshore Adventures North Florida Fishing Species — This is one of the best resources for finding information about fishing species in St. Augustine. It gives detailed descriptions of inshore and offshore species, as well as tips for bait, tackle, and places to fish. You can book fishing charters through this website, and get the daily fishing report for St. Augustine here.

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