Creating the Bucket List

There are things I yearn to experience as a result of living in different cultures. Growing up in five different countries before hitting college, I learned anything is possible and that precious moments captured lasts a lifetime. I am lucky to have the experience of traveling and even in my career life, I still have the burning desire to see the world. But, there are still many more moments I want to experience, so here is my bucket list.

Salsa dance in Cuba or Puerto Rico During my college years in New York City, I picked up Salsa Dancing. I would go to the salsa clubs every week and, would even go to the World Trade Center for their Salsa nights. After moving to Asia, I still continue dancing in Hong Kong and Shanghai, but I want the authentic music of dancing in the street, smelling the burn of a Cuban cigar and rum.

Northern Lights I would like to visit the Scandanavian countries in the summer and explore the dark colored mountain and see the spectacular show in the sky. It would make for an ideal moment with my partner to see something so beautiful and natural.

Alaska Cruise conjures up images of a retirement home age-group swarming around all-you-can-eat buffets and night time gin-rummy. However, it would be the peaceful getaway while admiring glaciers and the polar animals in their natural habitat. With the cool climate and fresh air, it would also be a treasure to see a night full of stars.

Murakami’s Japan Murakami is one of the most prolific writers in the twentieth century. His books Sputnik Sweetheart as well as, Wind-Up bird chronicles, Norwegian Wood, Kafka on the Shore creates a third dimensional life with characters flowing between the past, present and spiritual world. I would love to see his Japan that is a mix of Cutty Sark whisky, narrow Japanese roads and smokey cafes. Also, enjoy another side of Japan which takes me to the snowy mountains where I can sit in an outdoor hot spring while sipping sake and nibbling on Sashimi admiring the red-butt monkeys.

Amsterdam canals! I would like to travel to Amsterdam and go through the canals, walk through red light district, hit a cafe and see the museum of Anne Frank.

Jet-setting This may cost money but I would love to spend one day in three different cities. Breakfast in New York, dinner and a show in London and sip on champagne in the evening in Paris

Cross Country USA, Italy, France I am putting all these into one category because it involves the automobile. But I would love to drive through these countries and take in all the sights

Eurorail through Europe I would love to start in Ireland/Scotland and travel to Italy via the train. It would be nice to start off on the whisky tour and finish in Tuscany while going through the beautiful au porto area of Portugal, bypassing Champagne and Bordeaux country in Paris, see the beautiful architecture of Prague and Budapest, then finishing the trip with a visit to Venice and then southward to Tuscany, then taking the train through Italy and seeing the beautiful countryside.

South Africa It is a dream to go to the southern most tip of Africa and see the ocean. It would be a dream to take a safari and see the wild life in real life.

Desert Trekking I would like to visit Morocco and take a trip to the desert and spend a night in a tent under the stars with my camel, butler and a full course dinner with belly dancers.

Here are some pretty cool things I have experienced before:

  1. BB King and Ray Charles Concert, Taipei, 1991
  2. Four tenors in the Forbidden City, Beijing, 2001
  3. St. Topez day cruise and a private-island lunch on a jet boat, 1995
  4. Helicopter ride to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, 2000
  5. Dance to the old jazz band at the Peace Hotel, Shanghai,1995
  6. Usher concert, Shanghai, 2011
  7. Eagles concert, Shanghai, 2012
  8. Eiffel tower at sunset, Paris, 1993
  9. British Music Awards, London, 2011
  10. Grand Opening of 1st Georgio Armani Store in China, Shanghai, 2004 with fashion catwalk access/Grand Opening of 1st Louis Vuitton store in China, Shanghai, 2006

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Originally published at on August 17, 2015.