Two Nights in Dalian

Dalian, a bustling port city in the northern province of Liaoning is one of the main financial and logistics center for North East Asia. In Chinese modern history, Dalian is known for being used by the Russian and Japanese for it’s ports.

Picturesque seascape and Russian architectural influences, today’s Dalian is an ideal summer romantic getaway with its cool temperatures and fresh variety of seafood.

Although the city is modernizing at a rapid rate with most of the original piers being turned into entertainment centers and once quiet seaside into hotel door steps, the charm of the city is still present with friendly locals and family packed activities, making Dalian worth visiting year round. If the trip was planned during the summer months, a dip in the ocean is a must-do, as Dalian boasts a clean shoreline similar to Qingdao.

All-you can eat Sushi for lunch featuring local seafood and some Japanese imported seafood

Beach front for a walk

Dinner with friends featuring fresh seafood, crab and others…

Seaworld adventure including, walrus and seal show

Entertainment pier

Blow fish dinner

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Originally published at on October 8, 2014.

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