A Brief Insight to Get Divorce Lawyer in China

A divorce can be termed as the dissolution of marriage in a lawful manner. There is no doubt that divorce is a long-winded and costly affair in China if it is contested. Partners that mutually agree to the divorce, however, should prove that they have been separated for more than a year. The number of divorces in China is rising. According to the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the number of couples who filed for divorce in 2013 raised up to 12.8 percent to 3.5 million. Hence, there is a huge demand for the best divorce lawyer in China. Prior to the current surge in divorces, China witnessed two other waves of speedily rising rates of divorce, the first case happened in the 1950s when returning victorious Communist soldiers deserted their farms and rural wives to move to the city. And, the second came after the Cultural Revolution, between 1966 and 1980.

Rules of Divorce in China

Here is the list of divorce rules in China.

1. After a divorce, the ex-husband usually gets custody of the children and the ex-wife is not accepted and has trouble getting a job. Talking about the case of bad marriages, women usually put up with them rather than tolerate hardships caused by a divorce. In the earlier time, there were even fewer divorces as men used to take a concubine and ignored the wife.

2. Some Chinese people think that it is too easy to get a divorce now. Once upon a time, a 56-year-old man told the china daily that “we treated marriage as something blessed. Divorce was measured as a shame, so the divorce rate was little. This meant there was no need for any such agreement.” With an increasing rate of divorce, people tend to look for the best divorce lawyer in China.

3. There is a book called How to Divorce,” which describes unhappy couple everything they need to know about getting a divorce, is available in China today. Coming to the Question №160 reads, “if one face is sold into marriage, and wants a divorce, how does the court manage this?” Answer: “Selling spouses is against the law. Plaintiff has clear grounds for separation. The purchase price will be removed by the state”.

Reasons for Divorce in China

Talking about the reasons for divorce in China. The list is endless. Here is the list of reasons for the increasing number of divorce cases in China.

1. In the earlier time, there was a considerable amount of embarrassment attached to being divorced. If they were depressed and had extramarital affairs couples stayed together even went on for years. The reason behind that is married couples didn’t want to hurt their children or lose face with their parents.

2. Feminist hotlines support women who want to have a divorce to look for other alternatives. One hotline planner told the Los Angeles Times she tells women they have to be practical and sensible. “Women can’t expect too much from their husbands,” she said, “the more they expect the more they will get hurt”.

3. As far as other reasons for seeking divorce include lack of capital, one-girl families, crowded households, arguments with in-laws, and so on. Several marriages break up because of physical and verbal abuse by wives.