Can this cat speak better Chinese than you?

We aren’t impressed with its tones

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A woman in the Anhui capital of Hefei has recently been showing off her cat’s ability to “speak Chinese.”

The woman claims that she has communicated with her cat for a long time and that he can understand simple emotions and language and can respond appropriately.

As evidence, the woman has shown off two interactions with her pet. In the first clip, she asks the cat, “Do you love me?” and the cats responds “love (ài).”

While in the second, she asks, “Are you tired?” and the cat groans “tired (lèi).”

Watch on QQ Video.

In case you’re not impressed by this feline’s linguistic skills and feel like you speak better Mandarin than it does, know that the cat is also an expert mouse catcher, so it still has one up on you.

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