Chinese girl adopted by American family reunited with her birth parents after 13 years apart

Thanks to the internet and a father who never stopped searching, Kylee Bowers finally found her way back home
Jul 13, 2018 · 4 min read

On July 1st, 18-year-old Kylee Bowers was reunited with her birth family in China after getting lost 13 years ago and ending up being adopted by an American couple.

In May 2005, Kylee, or as she known then, Liang Jinglang, was taken by her biological father, named Liang Hua, from her hometown in Leizhou, Guangdong province to Shunde district in the city of Foshan where he worked. However, since his workers’ dormitory didn’t allow for the 5-year-old girl to live with him, he instead placed his daughter under the care of his brother, who was living in a house in the nearby city of Zhongshan, according to a report from The Paper.

Unfortunately, on May 20th, the homesick little girl tried to return back to Leizhou, but quickly became completely lost. Later that day, an elderly woman found her wandering near a bridge and took her to the police station. However, Kylee couldn’t understand the officers there, being only able to speak her hometown’s local dialect.

The little girl was later sent to the Zhongshan Children’s Welfare Institute and given the name of Zhong Fengmin. She stayed at the institute for two years and was then transferred to a foster home before being adopted by an American couple in 2012 and starting her new life in Chicago.

After his daughter went missing, Liang went from town to town, desperately searching for his lost little girl. For seven straight years, he searched, quitting his job to focus on finding her until he was finally forced to go back to work to support his family. But Liang and his wife never gave up. In the room where their children would do their homework, he would always set aside one place, hoping that one day his daughter would return home.

Back in April of this year, Kylee began searching for her biological family with the help of her adoptive parents. She made a post on the website of the volunteer group Baobai Huijia (宝贝回家) with details about how she had gone missing 15 years ago.

About a month later, Liang saw the post and reached out to her on WeChat. He asked Kylee several questions, like whether she remembers dislocating her shoulder after falling off a theater stage in front of her home. Moments later, Kylee replied, “You are my father,” bursting into tears while sitting in class.

A week later, police completed a DNA test, confirming that Kylee Bowers was indeed Liang’s long-lost daughter. After 13 years of tireless searching, the father was reunited with his daughter at the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport on Sunday.

“I’m very happy for Kylee. She always wanted to find her family. I told her it’s good. To have two families that love you from two different countries, you can’t do better than that,” said Kylee’s adoptive mother.

This fall, Kylee will start studying at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Her adoptive mom said that while at college Kylee hopes to study abroad at a university in China.

Watch video of this long overdue family reunion below:

[Images via The Paper / CGTN]


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