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To avoid paying for car wash, man drives his SUV into river, nearly gets washed away

Well, at least it’s now very clean

In order to save a bit of money, a penny-pinching man from Chengdu decided to go for a natural car wash, driving his vehicle into a shallow river. Unfortunately for him, it was just then that the floodgates opened upstream.

Video from the scene shows the unfortunate man pacing around an island in the middle of the river after being forced to abandon his 1 million yuan Land Rover, which sits nearly half-submerged by the rushing water.

Trapped on the island, the man called for emergency assistance. Firefighters are seen using a rope to ford the river and bring the man back to safety. They also managed to rescue his vehicle as well.

The man told his rescuers that he had chosen to drive his Land Rover into the river in order to avoid paying 20 yuan ($3) to get it cleaned at a regular car wash. It’s not clear what kind of damage the vehicle suffered, but, hey, at least it’s very clean.