We aren’t impressed with its tones

A woman in the Anhui capital of Hefei has recently been showing off her cat’s ability to “speak Chinese.”

The woman claims that she has communicated with her cat for a long time and that he can understand simple emotions and language and can respond appropriately.

As evidence, the woman has shown off two interactions with her pet. In the first clip, she asks the cat, “Do you love me?” and the cats responds “love (ài).”

While in the second, she asks, “Are you tired?” and the cat groans “tired (lèi).”

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In case you’re not impressed by this feline’s linguistic skills and feel like you speak better Mandarin than it does, know that the cat is also an expert mouse catcher, so it still has one up on you.

Amid protests and violence across the US, Chinese officials are trolling hard

China has been eagerly lapping up the chaos from the protests and unrest in the United States resulting from the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, though they haven’t quite got the lingo down yet.

In response to a tweet from Moussa Faki Mahamat, Chairperson of the African Union Commission, calling for the US to eliminate racial and ethnic discrimination, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying wrote this:

“All lives matter. We stand firmly with our African friends. We strongly oppose all forms of racial discrimination and inflammatory expressions of racism and hatred.”

While China obviously has its own…

The high price of love

Demonstrating the tremendous cost of love, a woman has become a billionaire overnight.

Du Weimin (杜伟民), the chairman of Shenzhen Kangtai Biological Products Co, has transferred 161.3 million company shares to his ex-wife, Yuan Liping (袁莉萍), as part of the couple’s divorce settlement.

The shares are worth a whopping $3.29 billion.

Following the transfer, Yuan holds about a 24 percent stake in Kangtai, though she has signed over her voting rights to her ex-husband.

Kangtai is a Chinese vaccine-maker which got listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2017 and has seen its stocks surge this year after announcing its…

Maybe just don’t let him have a smartphone?

Chinese parents have been picking up some parenting tips from one mom in the Shandong city of Binzhou who has managed to make her kid fear looking at smartphones.

While her son was sleeping, the mother applied eyeshadow around his eyes so that when he woke up and saw himself in the mirror, he was immediately scared to tears.

The kid’s father told him that the “panda eyes” were the result of him staring for too long at smartphone screens. He made his son promise to stop playing on smartphones.

“I won’t play! I really won’t play!” the boy cries.

The plane also boasts mahjong tables and air-conditioning

At a neighborhood in the Sichuan capital of Chengdu, residents can board an airplane to do some shopping or play mahjong.

The old retired Soviet plane sits in the middle of the residential community surrounded by trees and a pool. It has been dubbed the “European Garden.”

The chip will contain information like the name and contact information of its owner

While humans have voiced many concerns about China’s “dystopian” surveillance practices, the ones who should really be complaining are the canines.

Shenzhen has announced plans to implant microchips on all dogs registered in the city by the end of this year.

The microchip is only about the size of a rice grain. It is placed underneath the dog’s skin between the shoulder blades in a procedure that only takes a few seconds.

In lieu of the earthworm eating, they could be fined 500 yuan

After they failed to meet expectations, a company in Guizhou decided to “encourage” its employees to work harder in the future by forcing them to eat earthworms for breakfast.

All workers at the company in the city of Bijie were required to devour one of the grubs or else be fined 500 yuan ($70).

To avoid the fine, many employees accepted the punishment and ate a worm as their coworkers looked on.

Video from the company event leaked online. While the boss reportedly threatened retaliation against the leaker, the employee has instead contacted the police.

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The 2-year-old was waiting for her family inside the elevator when the door closed

While parents in China are known to put their kids on leashes to keep them safe, the exact opposite thing happened recently at a Hubei apartment building.

In surveillance video, a 2-year-old girl is seen waiting in an elevator for her family with a rope fastened around her wrist.

However, the elevator door closes before they arrive and with the end of the little girl’s leash still outside the elevator.

As the elevator goes down, the girl is quickly pulled to the top of the door by her wrist.

Luckily, the elevator’s emergency stop mechanism was triggered, preventing serious injury…

Is your Chinese at Level 9?

Foreign students studying the Chinese language will soon be able to measure their linguistic skills all the way up to Level 9.

The HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, 汉语水平考试), the standardized test of Chinese proficiency for non-native speakers, has announced that it will be making some changes to the exam’s format this year.

At the moment, there are six different levels of the HSK that test-takers can choose between based on their grasp of Chinese.

The new plan calls for a format dubbed “Three Stages and Nine Levels” in which the three stages (advanced, intermediate, and beginner) will include three levels…

The boys have apologized to the girl

A brutal beating of a young girl by a laughing group of boys has recently shocked and horrified the Chinese internet.

In video footage filmed by a bystander, three boys are seen harassing and attacking a girl who tells them off but does not fight back.

The girl is surrounded, slapped, and tripped to the ground multiple times where the boys then assail her with kicks with smiles on their faces.

Watch on QQ Video.

The footage was widely circulated this week on WeChat before also going viral on Weibo.

It was reportedly filmed on May 25 in Lufeng county…


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