Prompt #1
Janice Pang

Wallet, used to hold cards and money

Method: the materials used to make wallets are vary and depend on quality and brand. Some wallets are made of cheap fabric and plastic, and expensive wallets like Gucci are made of fine leather.

Use: Wallet works well, it has a lot of spaces to hold different cards and money. Its design let you keep your cards and money both convient and secured.

Need: Almost everyone needs wallet because everyone needs a wallet to keep their money and cards. Besides that, wallets also represnt your social status, people purchase expensive brands to show their wealth and socal class.

Telesis: I think wallets are fitted into the current human socio-economic order in many countries and culture. Right now almost everyone uses wallet, no matter who they are or what countries they live in.

Association: Wallets often have association with memory, for example, a person would refuse to change a wallet if he used it for a long time because the wallet represents a kind of attachment. I rearely change my wallet because I am used to my old wallet, and I often have some emotional attachment to it.

Aesthetics: There is aesthetics involves with wallets because there are many wallet designs, and people are willing to pay thousands of dollars for a nice looking wallet, therefore, aesthetics does play an important role in wallet design.

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