Bitch-Slave Caya — excerpt

Done with her meal, she went in the direction of where the black Master’s quarters was situated — a double-building structure that looked like an army barracks building at the east side of the main building. She passed several black men on the way and submissively greeted them as she went along. She entered the building and read out the names of the Black Masters stencilled on the doors before stopping at that which said: Master Amos. She knocked on the door and heard a voice inside tell her to come in. She opened the door and stepped inside.

Master Amos sat on a chair by the table next to the window in his living room. He wore nothing except a pair of combat pants and an ivory tooth which hung from a chain around his neck. He was smoking a cheroot cigarette when Caya entered his apartment. She bowed her head to him.

“Bitch-slave Caya reporting to her assigned Master, sir,” she stated. Her friend Shawana had instructed her on what to say the night before when reporting to her master.

“Come here, slave,” said Master Amos. “Come kneel before your Master.”

She went forward and knelt before him, placing her hands on her thighs. He went on smoking his cigarette, taking his time about it.

“Did you learn your lesson of the night before, bitch-slave?” he asked her.

She nodded. “Yes, Master, I did.”

“You’re still having doubts, aren’t you. You still harbour thoughts of leaving this camp and returning to your former life, eh? Go ahead, tell me.”

Caya shook her head. “I have no doubts, Master.”

“We will see. But first, I want to test your oral skills.” Master Amos got up from his chair and stood with his crotch a foot from her face, gazing down at her magnanimously. “Do what needs to be done, slave.”

Caya’s hands undid his belt buckle and the top buttons of his combat pants. There was a tent growing inside his pants, pushing outward against the fabric; she inhaled the strong scent of his crotch as she unzipped his pants and his black monster cock fell out of it; it was the shape of a ripe banana. Caya gasped at its sight. She took it in both hands, weighted it on her palm, felt the throbbing pressure as blood inflated the mushroom tip head. Pre-cum oozed out its tiny slit as she stroked it.

“I want you to worship that black cock you have in your hand there,” Master Amos instructed her. “Worship it as you would worship me. Run your tongue over every inch of it. Take it into your mouth and don’t stop sucking it until I tell you to.”

Caya held his prick aimed inches from her face. She was about to do the impossible. She took in a deep breath — forgive me, Michael — opened her mouth and pushed his cock into her mouth, closing her eyes while she did. Her lips wrapped around his shaft and she took a pull from it like one would when pulling on a tea spoon, and smacked her lips when his cock came out her mouth. Feels kind of good, she thought to herself. She took another long pull at his cock, and then another . . . and then she was sucking him with improvement, no longer feeling afraid.

“Open your eyes, bitch-slave!” her Master growled at her.

She didn’t realise her eyes were still shut. She opened them and watched the length of his shaft slip in and out of her mouth. She recalled the image of her friend and roommate Shawana at work last night and decided to imitate her movement. She applied more force in her sucking action: she licked her tongue over every crest and ridge on his dick, spit on it to get it more lubricated and forced his cock into her mouth. Her Master though sensed she wasn’t getting it right.

“Stop doing it that way. You’re stupid, you don’t even know it. Relax your jaw muscles — don’t fight it. Pretend its ice cream you’re taking . . . or a banana.”

Caya took corrections from him. Her jaw muscles were starting to ache. Master Amos pushed her off him; a look of anger etched on his face. Caya was immediately afraid that she’d offended him. She came to him and kissed his feet, pleading for him not to get angry with her. Her eyes got wet with tears.

“Please, Master. I haven’t . . . done this before. I’m learning. Please, let me learn to please you.”

“You still virgin, yes? You haven’t sucked a cock before?”

“No, Master. I haven’t sucked anyone’s cock before.”

“I’ll have to bring someone in to show you then. Get up, slave. You’re excused for now.”

Caya went and kneeled at a corner and waited as he picked up an intercom phone and called for a bitch-slave to hurry over to his room. They didn’t have to wait more than three minutes before there was a knock at his door and someone outside begged to be let inside. Amos told whomever it was to come inside. The door opened and Mika, Shawana’s friend, walked into the room. She snorted when she saw Caya kneeling in the room and she too came and knelt before Master Amos and bowed her head to him.

“Slave, I want you to show this new bitch-slave here how to suck a Master’s cock,” Amos commanded. “You good for it?”

“I am always good for it, Master.”

Mika licked her tongue, ready for the challenge and reached for Amos’ cock and promptly began sucking him. She worked her lips on his shaft like a pro, sucking him with such succulent devotion and vigour. Mika turned to look at Caya and smiled at her while she went on enjoying herself. Amos steadied her head in his hands and thrust his shaft in and mouth of her mouth. Mika gurgled and spite flew off the side of her lips and still she went on taking his punishment and resumed when he gave her back his prick to worship.

“Do you see what the bitch-slave is doing?” Amos said to Caya. “You taking lessons now?”

Caya nodded her head.

“Good. Let’s see what you have learned.”

Mika moaned with disappointment as he pushed her aside and brought his cock to Caya’s face. She sucked on the tip of his prick, rolling her tongue around the mushroom head of his cock before taking him further down her throat. She too made the same choking, gurgling sounds Mika had made, took his prick in both hands and rolled it in her mouth, slobbering over its foreskin. Master Amos groaned from the workout. Mika approached them and stroked the Master’s balls and rubbed his thighs while allowing Caya the pleasure of sucking him.

She was getting the hang of it, she noticed this from listening to the groaning voice of her Master, that and the way his hands wouldn’t stop caressing her hair. Mika turned from Amos’ balls to suck on Caya’s tits. She wasn’t prepared for it and were it not that her Master was here, she might have pushed her off. But Mika wouldn’t stop sucking and nibbling on her tits. Caya was soon enjoying it, even as she felt Mika slip a finger in and out of her pussy. Caya couldn’t help not responding to her ministrations. She let her Master’s cock slip out her mouth, offering it to Mika who too sucked on it while Caya pushed down her top and now attacked her female bitch-slave’s tits, rolling her tongue over her erect nipples, murmuring a sigh to herself while she did. Caya had never made out with a woman before. In her former life such would have been considered abominable. But here things were different, and she was getting into the groove of it.

“I’m not done with your lesson, bitch-slave!”

Master Amos pulled Caya to her feet and pushed her in the direction of the other room which served as his bedroom. He opened a drawer and rummaged inside and unearthed a bottle of lube. Caya lay on the bed waiting for him; Mika knelt by the doorway itching to see what was about to happen. Master Amos extracted his feet from his pants and came up on the bed, his prick slapped against the sheets trailing wetness from both women’s lips. Caya spread her legs as he poured some lotion from the lube unto his palm and rubbed it around her crotch. She flinched as he inserted two of his fingers into her cunt and pressed on.

“Got to lube your pussy up for me,” he said as he kept on fingering her, widening her cunt lips. “Then I’m going to own it. I know you itch for the main cock, don’t you, bitch?”

“I do . . . Uhhh . . . I do, Master.”

Caya was unaware she was panting wildly. She looked past her breasts at her Master who was now looming over her. He rubbed the head of his prick with some of the lotion at her crotch area. He looked past his shoulder and told Mika to come forward and hold his bitch-slave down. Mika gladly left where she knelt and came to Caya’s aid.

“Don’t worry, bitch,” she cooed into her ear, kissing her. “It’s going to end quickly. The Master is going to turn you into a different slave.”

Master Amos shoved the head of his dick into her cunt’s opening, breaking through the barrier. Caya cried out sharply. The pain was intense. Her eyes tightened together. She felt Mika take hold of her hand, still murmuring into her ear: “It’s almost done . . . it’s almost done.”

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