Black is my . . .

Black is my skin

Which you see everyday

Beyond your coffee mug and rancid newspapers

But beyond the flesh

The blood that you and I share

The love, pleasures, pain and fears

What dares you think you are better than I?

Black was the night I was born

Later giving way to day

Where you choose to hate

I choose love in its place

Though the anger burns like a match

I choose instead to walk on by.

Black is my continent

My home habours the superior race

Orisir to the Sphinx

Levees your Socrates couldn’t reach

Yet you dare me with your religion

Your white jesus

Incomparable to my Oranmiyan.

Black is beauty



Ying to your yang

An elephant crushing your fox

News to which I laugh, bemused

Take back your forty acres and a mule

Forever I remain a zulu to your sun and moon.