Living Next Door to the Smiths

Rob was attempting to put a final nail to a loose cabinet in the kitchen when his doorbell rang. He dropped his hammer, cleaned his hands in the sink then head towards the living room.

He opened the front door and blinked from the morning sunlight that hit his face. A couple stood at his front porch, both smiling warmly at him.

“Hi there neighbor,” the woman said. They were both couple of average height, though the man was a couple of pounds heavier. She had wavy blonde hair, high cheekbones and hazel pair of eyes. The man was thickset with sparse hair on his head. The wife thrust something at Rob that was a cake with the words To the Neighborhood! written in pink icing over a white field.

“We’re the Smiths,” she introduced herself. “I’m Mina Smith, and this is my husband Josh. We live next door to you,” she pointed at the summer home to the right side of Rob’s compound. “We didn’t want to disturb you yesterday, as it was your first day in this neighbourhood, but my husband and I decided we’d come over today and be the first to wish you welcome.”

Rob was flattered by their unexpected warm gesture; such was the least he thought would happen to him when he arrived in the suburban enclave of Angelwood. The movers had been here the previous couple of days to drop off his load; he had arrived yesterday.

“I’m really stunned by this,” he said honestly. “Really . . . thank you. Would you like to come in?”

“Well, we would,” said the husband. “I noticed you were working around the back, trying to put stuff together. Mina and I will drop by later when you’re done. But if by chance you happen to need anything, please stop by anytime. Don’t matter if it’s late.”

Rob shook hands with him and promised to stop by their place soon. The couple waved at him as they crossed his lawn over to theirs. Josh’s wife, he noticed, gave him a sly smile over her husband’s shoulder. Rob had no idea what it meant or signified. He went into the house and kept the cake in the fridge then returned to the handyman work he was doing.

Hi there neighbor!

Rob recognized the voice even before he turned to see his neighbor's wife leaning over the picket fence that divided their compound, smiling at him. This was the day after she and her husband welcomed him to the neighborhood. Rob was splashing water on his car when she called out to him. He turned off the water facet and approached her. He blushed when he realized too late that he wore nothing beside a pair of undershorts and his body was dotted with soap suds.

“Hi there, Mina. And please, the name is Rob, okay?”

“Very well, Rob. Nice outfit you have on.” Her eyes appraised his torso; the dimples in her cheeks told him she licked what she was looking at.

“Thanks,” he wiped sweat off his face. “Was just my car a cleaned up. How’s Josh doing?”

“Reading the sports section when I left him inside. Would you mind if I come by and borrow some sugar from you?”

“Sure, no problem.”

Rob undid the lock of a cut-out door of the picket fence for his neighbour’s wife to pass through. She wore a swimsuit with a wrap-around tied around her waist. Rob was checking out her figure as she walked past him and sensed a sudden awakening in his shorts but tried his best to stifle it by leading towards the back door of the house into the kitchen.

“If you don’t mind, I’m gonna take a shower soon,” he said as they entered his kitchen. He opened the drawer where he recalled keeping his jar of sugar and turned to hand it to her. “Here you go–”

He didn’t get the chance to complete his words as Mina cut the short distance between them and caught his lips in a kiss. Rob was simultaneously stunned and double-minded, but only for a second, about responding. But he opted to follow his animal instincts and returned her kiss. The jar of sugar slipped from his hand and clattered to the floor as he went ahead and caressed his neighbour’s wife’s body. His hand undid her swimsuit bra and Mina pulled his face towards her chest and sighed as his lips made contact with her breasts. Rob took his time with each one; his hands groped her ass, pulling her towards him as he kept on sucking her tits. Mina’s hand slipped into his shorts and freed his stiff cock, stroking its foreskin.

Mina dropped to her knees and licked her way up and down the length of his shaft before swallowing his cock. Her mouth rolled around the mushroom head of his penis, loving the taste of his musky smell as she bobbed her head up and down on him. Rob reclined against the counter so as to steady himself.

At that moment a figure slipping into his compound, approached the steps leading to his backdoor and stopped to peek through the window at what was going on inside before reaching for the door handle. Rob looked up when he heard the kitchen back door come open and was surprised to see Mina’s husband Josh standing there smiling at him. Rob tried to pull Mina off from him but she didn’t budge from the pleasure she was giving.

“Hi there honey,” Josh walked into the kitchen and shut the door behind him.

Mina then turned towards Josh while still cradling Rob’s cock in her hand. “Hi darling. Hope you don’t mind if I decide to come by and have a little fun with Rob here.”

Rob was red with embarrassment and couldn’t think of how to respond as Josh over and slapped his arm, winking at him.

“Hey there, neighbour. She sucking your cock good, ain’t she?”

“Oh yeah,” Rob gasped. “She certainly knows a trick or two. I was about to say–”

Josh waved his hand dismissively. “Nothing to get bothered about, Rob. Honestly, it’s a natural thing for us. Mina here fell in love with you the minute she laid eyes on you, and I figured the same too.” He laughed. “To tell the truth, she’d have torn your shirt in two yesterday if I hadn’t held her back.” He looked down at his wife. “How’re you doing down there, honey? His cock taste nice and sweet?”

Mina pulled her lips off Rob’s cock with a ‘pop’ sound. “Mmm . . . very tasty. You’re going to love it, darling. Come have a taste.”

Josh didn’t ask Rob if he could or not, and in a way it wasn’t necessary. Rob too had Bi-curious tendencies and was just as attracted to being pleasured by another man as he was giving it back.

Josh knelt beside his wife and opened his mouth to receive Rob’s cock. He sucked it once, twice, and he too moaned with fulfilment. He and Mina shared and passed Rob’s cock back and forth, equally took turns sucking his balls. Their tongues lingered over his foreskin, kissing each other for a moment before resuming sucking his cock once more.

It got to be too much that Rob suggested they go upstairs to the main bedroom and get more comfortable.

Rob left the couple in the room while he went into the bathroom for a quick shower before returning to join them; he didn’t bother drying himself. Josh and his wife were out of their clothes already. Mina was sucking her husband’s cock as Rob came and joined them. Mina sucked her husband’s cock then Rob’s back and forth; she craved Rob’s cock more.

Mina stroked their cocks with both hands and afterwards asked, “All right, now which of you wants me first?”

“Why not let Rob have a go first,” Josh suggested. “He’s the new neighbour after all. Might as well start off with him.”

Josh made room for Rob who then took his place lying in the centre of the bed and pulled Mina towards him. She straddled him and leaned forward as Josh grasped Rob’s cock and introduced it inside her. Mina was full of delight rocking her hips and rotating her pelvis up and down Rob’s cock. Her tits slapped against his face; he tried catching her tits with his lips while squeezing a handful of her ass, smacking it repeatedly as she got to riding him harder. Josh crouched behind them, stroking his penis while watching with glee the sight of his wife’s pussy taking the turgid length of their neighbour’s cock. Once or twice he’d hold up Mina’s ass and clean Rob’s cock for him before slipping him back into his wife’s cunt.

Rob turned over on the bed, taking Mina along in his arms. She propped on leg on his shoulder as Rob shoved his cock back inside her pussy, now was coated with her cum. Josh stood before Rob and thrust his cock into his mouth. Josh’s cock wasn’t that big and Rob was able to swallow him whole even as he kept up his tempo of ploughing Mina’s tantalizing cunt. Josh held Rob’s face in his hands and began jerking his hips back and forth, face-fucking him. Rob sputtered saliva over Josh’s pubic hair and on his shaft as well; never before had he been in a threesome like this, and he was enjoying it.

“Ohh shit,” Josh grunted. His eyes were shut tight and he bit his lips as he felt the tingling fire that was coming from the head of his cock. “Ohhh . . . yeah. Damn! That’s some good head I’m getting here . . . Ohh shit, I’m gonna cum!”

Rob already sensed his neighbour getting set to blow his wad and went on sucking him hard. Mina pulled away from him and got busy sucking his pussy-stained cock while he kept on sucking her husband. Josh eventually blew his wad over Rob’s face with satisfaction. A minute later, Rob too ejaculated copious amount of semen down Mina’s throat. Josh slumped to the bed beside Rob and licked his semen off his face. Mina let both men cool off for a while before sitting up.

“Now that you boys have had your fun, how about giving me some of mine? I need two cocks to fill my holes right now.”