Thaddeus Black Bedding the Client

Thaddeus was at the precipice of falling into deep sleep when he felt someone kissing his lips.

He mistook it at first that he caught up in a dream like the previous memorable one he had last time and paid it no mind, except the kissing feat persisted. His eyes came groggily awake in the dark and there was Constance leaning over him, smothering him with kisses. Thad’s senses came alive and he quickly responded to her passion, least it ended so fast. He flung the covers off to better manoeuvre her to get on top of him. Their lips smacked against each other with fervour. Thaddeus rummaged his hands all over Constance, feeling over her torso, down to her thighs and hips and then went to grabbing her butt as if visually painting a portrait of her body in the dark. Constance rubbed her butt against his crotch, dry-humping him while caressing his face with both hands while keeping on with their passionate kissing. Thaddeus coursed his fingers gently through her hair, loving the sweet taste of her lips like wine.

A tiny part of Constance’s mind — the part that wasn’t all too prissy as her sister assumed — looked in surprise at how frantic she was with Thad. A bonfire was swelling inside her and she knew not how long it might last until it fanned out, hence why she was all over Thad. Add to that his performance with the woman in the living room of which she had witnessed. The image of them fucking played in the back of her mind like an endless movie reel, compelling her to crave her mounting pleasure as the woman had with him.

Thad’s prick was turgid and pressing against her ass. She could feel her pussy gush with wetness just with anticipating what was coming. Her pussy demanded that cock inside her and nothing was going to stop her from having it tonight. Constance came off the bed and was panting with excitement and shaking all over as she wiggled his shorts down her ankle and eventually flung it off her foot and then off came the t-shirt as well. Thad switched on the bedside lamp to get a good look at her nude body and he was just as floored by it. His eyes ogled her shapely round breasts with their pointy nipples, her glass-shaped torso with wide hips, narrow thighs and a bushy crotch. She had the body any hot Milf would envy, he thought.

She returned to the bed but this time knelt over his pelvis and gripped his cock. It throbbed in her hand and spurted pre-cum as she stroked his shaft. She breathed on his crotch seconds before she latched her lips onto his prick. Thad’s girth seemed to stretch her mouth to the limit. Constance found it tough and demanded forcing her jaw to cram more of him into her mouth. No way had she enjoyed sex with a penis that was his size. She could only work her sucking the crown head of his prick while her hands continued stroking his shaft and played with his pair of nuts. Thad rested his palm on her head and guided her suck his nuts, which she did. She heard him groan in response and that gave her confidence that she had achieved something.

“Come up here,” he motioned her towards him.

Constance came forward to meet him; his prick left a wet trail against her abdomen as they clashed in another frantic kiss. Thad turned her over on her backside and sucked her fleshy tits. Constance groaned exquisitely and her body writhed and squirmed as he pulled at her nipples with his lips. He slid downward towards her pubic region, kissing her flesh all the way till he encountered the soft growth of pubic hair against his chin then inserted his tongue into the folded entrance that was her labia. Her legs parted for him to feast upon her.

Thaddeus slid his hands underneath to cup her buttock and lapped madly on her vagina. Constance whimpered and kicked her feet into the air and back on the bed while writhing like she was possessed. Thaddeus ate her pussy till his face glistened with her cum juice. Constance raked her nails on his arm and shoulders, her hips bucked against him and her hands clawed at her breasts and still he wouldn’t let her go. Later, he turned her over to lie on her face and grasped her ass cheeks apart and licked his way downward between her ass crack as if he was slathering her with butter. Her cries seared through her lungs; her body remained engulfed in the bonfire of lust swelling inside her.

Thaddeus slid over her back and Constance breathed with relief as he nibbled softly on her earlobe. He leant on one arm as he searched with his cock in hand for her pussy’s entrance. She spread her legs under him as his prick bored its way home. Her body tensed and she hitched her breath the instant she felt the tip of his prick brush against her cervix. Thad sucked on her ear lobe as he thrust into her. Her pussy was copiously wet but tight, almost virginal as she groaned while taking inches of his cock; her labia seemed to swell in order to get used to his girth. For Constance, it was like having sex the very first time all over again. The pain seemed just right with the mountain of lust she was carrying even as she groaned from getting stretched. Her body remained taut under him; she saw herself climaxing way too suddenly even as she heard herself gasping for breath.

Thad soaked up the delightful sensation he got from invading her pussy. He gasped from her cunt’s tight grip that encircled his cock, as well her river of cum that coated his rod. He got busy fucking her at a steady pace, grunting with each thrust yet taking it gently for her to get used to his size. Deeper and deeper he slid into her succulent cave. Constance shut her eyes as she suffered through the onslaught; her body couldn’t quit from shuddering from the invasion she was enjoying. She bit down hard on the pillow and groaned into the sheets as a fireball unleashed heart-splitting orgasm within her womb.

Thad pulled out of her and lay waiting for she to recover, thinking he might have gone too far and hurt her just from hearing her gasping cries. He lay beside her, caressing her sweaty body, surprised at the way her body shook against his touch. She quietened and reached towards him. Thad drew closer to cuddle against her till they were breathing at each other’s face.

“My God,” she muttered. “I can’t believe I waited so long for that.”

He shared a lengthy kiss with her.

“Was this what you were planning for me this whole time?”

“If I had, I’d have done it earlier,” he answered. “But I’m happy it did.”

“I never thought it. Not like this. Watching you fuck that woman . . . I couldn’t hold back anymore my wanting you.”

“What scared you then?”

“I’m just so afraid. Right now I don’t know what this will look like in the morning. I don’t know what this might change between us.”

“We don’t need to call it anything if that’s what you’re afraid of. Let’s simply enjoy it for tonight.”

She caressed his face. “Is that what you tell all the other ladies you’ve slept with?”

“You know you shouldn’t be asking that.”

“I know, and I’m sorry. Let me try some other way. Are you married, Thad?”

“Nope,” he said. “Never had before.”

“That first came to my mind when I saw the woman in your living room. I thought she was going to throw a fit or something. I’ll bet you’ve done this so many times — having sex with all your women clients.”

“Most of my clients have been men. And before you ask, no, I don’t swing that way.”

She chuckled. “I’m happy to hear that. You’ve got such a way I can’t help but think you’d attract as many men as you do women.” She reached down to playing with his cock, thinking it was weak but got a rude awakening instead. “You’re still a little hard. You didn’t cum?”

“No, but don’t worry about it. Go to sleep.”

Thad spread the covers over their body while Constance wrapped her arm and feet over his. Everything was quiet and still.

“Thad?” she whispered his name.


“Thank you for understanding.”

“You already said that before.”

“I know. Just that you won’t know how much this night really means to me. Suddenly I feel like a different person and I owe much of it to you.”

“It’s no problem.”

“But I’m still worried about Jonathan. He’s still out there.”

“We’ll find him; trust me on that. Go to sleep now.”

And she did.

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