Tips for Choosing the best Flat in Guwahati

Guwahati, the frontier city of North-East India is rich in natural resources that make it a beautiful city to live in. Also, it serves as the main trade zone for oil and tea auctions which increases the city’s economic importance. An amalgamation of both rich economy and pleasant nature makes this city a perfect environment for somebody to reside permanently.

However, if you are thinking that finding the perfect abode in Guwahati is an easy task, then it is not so. The high spectrum of stable growth has already resulted in a lot of mirating people in the city from all over the cuintry who are always on the lookout for better housing. Such strong demand has made Guwahati a lucrative market for real estate investors. The multiplicity of choice plays an important role for any prospective home-buyer.

Before finalizing any project, consider checking these following pointers for a wise choice -

· Location - The most important thing about any housing project is its location. Check the connectivity and the place’s distance from the main road and other public amenities like banks, restaurants, departmental shops and educational establishments etc beforehand.

2BHK flat in Guwahati

· Budget - As the old saying goes, look before you leap. Always have a set budget in your mind that you are capable to bear in the long run since buying a home involves huge monetary transactions. Choose only those that fall within your capacity.

2BHK flat in Guwahati

· Amenities and Specifications - If you are on a budget, it is better to go for standard amenities instead of luxurious ones. Same goes for the specifications of your apartment. For a small family, a 2BHK flat in Guwahati will be enough. You can save that money indtead of spending it on unnecessary upgrades.

2BHK flat in Guwahati

· Developer - You should only plan your housing venture with a credible and trusted developer. Going with a reputed name in the market, you will find it easier to obtain bank loans and the building will also be constructed possibly complied by all standard Government norms.

· Hidden Costs - Finally, you should not forget to include the hidden costs that are otherwise not mentioned in the agreement. These will include Stamp Duty charges, Registration fee, Clubhouse subscriptions, upgradation charges etc.

Thus, keeping in mind these basic points and doing a lot of research from your end, you should finalize a project. Many reputed developers have their projects in the prime areas of Guwahati, you may visit them and state your requirement directly to make matters simpler.