Could you share your thoughts on when exactly the bubble of Big Data burst?
Logan Yang

I think Dat Tran’s view is more from a client to vendor point of view. It is very frustrating to talk to clients who always bring up buzzwords without knowing what they really mean from a technical point of view (At the same time you also doubt yourself “Am I missing out something?” since these clients are all big fortune 500 companies and they should know what they are talking about and they always present themselves that they are very smart.)

I had similar experience when Flash was dying and HTML5 became the keyword that must be mentioned. Everyone was asking for a HTML5 solution back then. But no matter how many times I read HTML5 specifications, I couldn't find anything that my clients really needed.

We are seeing some new results for AI in recent years. And the media is creating an illusion that artificial general intelligence is definitely going to happen soon. There is a possibility of what the researchers have found the missing link. But there is also an equal possibility that there is a much steep curve we can’t climb out in the next 100 years (some kind of local optimum?).

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