Programming and politics

Watching how programmers argue, promote and bash on programming languages, frameworks and libraries is like watching an election. Everyone always has something to say about everything.

Maybe people just can’t accept the fact that nothing (and nobody) is perfect. Wiping everything from the previous attempt clean and start anew is always very attractive. (And probably that’s why we love new years so much, a new start.)

When I was using Magento for the first time, I hated it so much. I couldn’t understand why they design such a complicated system. E-commerce to me was just about listing products and collecting payment. It should be simple. After I worked on a few projects I realized the system is so complicated because there are too many real life scenarios to cover. Take shipping for example. There are different rates for different countries, some rates are based on the size of the parcel, some are based on the weight and some are based on the total value. Besides that, there are promotions like free shipping for purchase above $100, use UPS for 50% discount in December…

One can come up with a new e-commerce system with better shipping management but once this system start to run, other requirements will come in and slowly the new system becomes the new Magento.

Like running a country, being able to point out the bad policies doesn’t mean you can be a better president or minister. Start a revolution and over throw the current government doesn’t solve all problems. It only solve the ones you are trying to tackle