Monday Check In!
Ester Bloom

Estimated net $70, squeaked in at $62.39.

Friday/Saturday: Spent $277.52 on my Providence jaunt and $2.41 on an iced tea on the way back from the train to combat the insane humidity/heat/generally disgusting weather. On Saturday night, I stopped in at a friend’s house for a New England shrimp boil and was thankful I didn’t have to turn my stove on to make dinner.

Sunday: $7 at a farmstand for a few veggies and $28 on two beers and a whiskey on our way back from Caste Island — stop that was made only so we could enjoy the AC instead of roasting on the sidewalk. Husband promised to reimburse me $11 for his whiskey, which he did, along with the other $300 for bills, +$311. I succumbed to an off-the-shoulder top on the Nordstrom website, because what is a better piece of clothing to show off my newly viciously sunburned shoulders??

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