Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Hello (new) friends: It’s my first Friday estimate!

Friday: Plan is to have a quiet night catching up on some school work and to pick up my dry cleaning ($15) if I can get to the laundromat before 7PM. I’ll likely pick up a bottle of wine or a six-pack on the way home (let’s say $15) because nothing goes better with a wild night of annotating research than a drink or two. Or maybe I’ll just end up doing my nails at home in front of Netflix.

Saturday: My husband and I usually do a farmer’s market, fish market, butcher shop, grocery store round on Saturday mornings but he’s promised to pick up this week’s shopping with his first new-job paycheck (yay!) because I’ve picked up the last several weeks while he was looking for a job. He’s also giving me his half of rent/bills, $990. Let’s estimate $30 for me because we have to add a hardware store run: need light bulbs, batteries and new shower curtain liner and rings. Saturday night I’ll cook at home and continue with a research proposal for class. And I have to pay utilities, $51.

Sunday: beach day! We’ll pack up snacks from home, but in case we decide to pick up something else or decide to have lobster rolls, I’m going to estimate $30. If I’m up for it, return one shirt to TJ Maxx, +$6.

Total: $141 spending, $996 incoming, net $855.

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