Wiki in Education

Wiki pages are becoming more common on Higher Education Learning. Professors and students are taking advantage of Wikis because they are easy to learn and anyone can edit them. Vanderbilt’s Center for Teaching say some common ways to use Wikis are:Mini research projects in which the wiki serves as documentation of student work

• Collaborative annotated bibliographies where students add summaries and critiques about course-related readings

• Compiling a manual or glossary of useful terms or concepts related to the course, or even a guide to a major course concept

• Maintaining a collection of links where the instructor and students can post, comment, group or classify links relevant to the course

• Building an online repository of course documents where instructors and students can post relevant documents

• Creating e-portfolios of student work

Wiki vs Blog

Wikis are commonly compared to blogs because they are so similar to each other. However, the use of a blog is the writers point of view, and the reader has the chance to comment. Whereas, with a Wiki edit the reader can go in and make corrections to the previous writers entry to make it better. For the simple fact that a Wiki allows anyone to make edits.