Donating Ether

Two days ago, the Habitat for Humanity organization in Texas tweeted that they’d be accepting Ether donations to help out hurricane victims in Houston.

This is a pretty notable development for cryptos. The fact that we’ve come to a point where you can use crypto to actually help out other people is a nice step.

I just donated a bit — still impressed at how quickly these transactions can be completed (when the network isn’t congested) and how easy it is to do them.

One issue with this donation, though, was that Habitat asked me to install third party software on my computer, likely in order to get tax documentation.

That’s not something I was too keen on doing, so I just sent off some ETH to the address that they had listed.

I’m hoping it goes through without any problems. I suppose we’re still at a point where the UI and UX of these things isn’t great. The fact that I actually have to hope that they’ll get the crypto properly shows that the system as a whole still has a long way to go.

In any case, it’s nice to see that crypto can be used in real world humanitarian situations now.

Please do donate to Houston residents, though. Some folks are claiming that this is going to be the worst natural disaster in America’s history, and from what I’ve heard, the government is far from prepared to help, so we need to stick together once more, despite all of the turmoil and, to be frank, truly evil things that have come out of this country recently, and show that we’re still a community that knows how to take care of its own.