Slack and Crypto

There’s a lot of information out there on crypto right now. Too much, actually. But the community itself is fairly small. When you think about it, we’re still very much in the early innovators stage of crypto, maybe just now starting to break into the early adopter phase.

It helps to have a community to discuss ideas and filter out information. Each ICO has its own method, most of them use Slack, which I think is a great tool (as long as you don’t get hacked).

A couple of my former colleagues from our prior startup have joined a Slack channel to discuss cryptos — the bull case, the bear case, primers, arbing, and anything else you can think of.

I’d recommend anyone interested in this stuff to do something similar. Having a group of people around you with similar interests and knowledge of this stuff can be a good way to gain deeper understanding of the ecosystem.

If you’re reading this and we know each other and you’re interested in joining our channel, feel free to reach out.

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