Good cross-sale recommendations can help you increase your customer lifetime value and build loyalty with your customers

Marketers are losing the ability to use 3rd party data to target their customers with campaigns. Learn about the changes that are in store and how you can get around them by using 1st party data.

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What changes are Google and Apple making to consumer data collection?

New data, trends, and analytics not found in any other analytics app can help you deeply understand your customer data

Ecommerce product analytics

Apteo’s new customer lifetime value metrics and repeat purchase recommendations help ecommerce companies grow sales and improve marketing.

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Who are your customers?

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Using customer purchase behaviors to segment customers and personalize messaging to convert marketing into sales

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Understand your customers better than they understand themselves, and target messaging to them based on their persona to significantly improve your email open rates.

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The must have tools you can install on the Shopify App store today to grow your online business

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Using retargeting, email, SMS and more to increase ecommerce store’s customer lifetime value

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Shanif Dhanani

Co-founder & CEO of Apteo - we help ecommerce companies maximize repeat purchases and retention by predicting buyer behavior. Try it free at

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