Tiny Views: What A Difference It Makes

OH, HOW ELECTRIFYING THAT WOULD BE…If only we could see the tiny little things; the tiny valuables that exist day-to-day. Each tiny miracle and act of God. Then we would perhaps have a better understanding of life and all of the miniature [members] in it and our similarities and connections amongst each other would cause us to see that there are more things similar than different. Perhaps, we’d be able to appreciate more and discover more, all while still looking for a greater adventure despite fear or the unknown.


I look at the way children, specifically my little guy (who is a toddler now), react to the things that happen and I am amazed! Regardless of the pleasant or unpleasant feeling that they may experience in that moment, somehow children find a tiny bit of happiness or positivity in that very same thing after a while! Every moment is defined by “pleasure in the end”. Could you imagine someone hurting your feelings or simply not giving you what you’ve expected them to, yet you somehow radiate love toward them and forgave them in one tiny second — in such a way that it didn’t even appear that they’ve done any wrong to you? That’s a child’s reaction: simply Pure. But is that reaction done with little understanding of having a good reason to remain upset or a BIG understanding that being happy is just far more important than losing time being anything else?


I truly admire the way that children have been innately wired to see the tiny things in awe. Every small, minuscule, plain ole’ thing is met with such excitement, joy, and openness. Where has all of that gone within the “big people”? Within us? Has life given us mere objectives on how we should be, should feel, or the way we should see things, especially if our eyes are met with displeasure? Or has our newly complicated way of thinking caused us to fear some things, second guess anything, shut down everything unfamiliar (or that demands change), and aim to cover up who we truly are so that we can fit in to the places that we in fact know that we don’t belong? How would things look from a tinnier view?

At times, I sit and watch my son play and journey through his land of discovery around the house; and while he has great moments of expressing fear to the things that he’s never been exposed to or to the things that appear a bit unsettling, more often than not, his fear never keeps him restricted. Either he’ll go anyway (after a few deep breaths or stares) or he’ll figure out a new way to get around that scary thing, ultimately reaching his destination. Tiny little feet, tiny little hands, tiny little minds, but ONE GIANT VIEW!

If only we could see life through tiny eyes, but from a GIANT PERSPECTIVE. What a difference it would make in our ability to trust ourselves (and others) and fully understand that our wants/needs matter. What a difference it would make in us understanding that valuing the things that mean the most, rather than chasing after the things that can be easily replaced is a waste of our times. What a difference it would make in the way we love and expect to be loved in return. What a difference it would make in our willingness to forgive (not for them, but for ourselves) and having the openness to be forgiven. What a difference it would make in the way we thought about challenges, while having the resilience to either keep going or find another way that may work even better. What a difference that it would make in seeing that we are true Gems, despite being buried under all those ashes, which life has so regretfully covered us with as time went on. What a difference it would make in our smiles and hearty laughter, which could only arise from a hopeful & thankful heart. What a difference that it would make……

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