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What is React Native for Web?

React Native Web is an awesome web development library available for frontend developers. The beauty of React Native Web is that it can be used to run an application on any platform just using a single codebase. React Native for web makes it possible to run React Native components and APIs on the web with the help of React DOM. In other words, React Native Web makes it easy to bring your React Native app to the web.

Who maintains React Native Web?

React Native was originally developed by Facebook in 2015, and React Native Web was created that same year by Nicolas Gallagher as an open source GitHub repository. React Native supports the web from version 0.60 …

If you are willing to integrate the rest assured test framework for a wso2 repository you can follow the below steps to achieve that.

Assume that the git repository name is wso2-feedback & /home/shanika/WSO2/feedbackrepo is your machines folder path where you will clone the wso2-feedback repo.

git clone

  1. Go to the most outer pom.xml file located in your repository and add the below dependency under the dependencies tag as below.

eg :- /home/shanika/WSO2/feedbackrepo/wso2-feedback/pom.xml


2. In the same most outer pom.xml file which was used in step1 add the value for ${rest.assured.version} …

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What is Platform as a Service (PaaS)?

Platform as a Service is a cloud computing environment where a third-party service provider offers hardware and software tools for clients over the internet. PaaS allows businesses to easily deploy, run, and manage cloud applications without the complexity of setting up and maintaining their own servers and infrastructure. Thus, PaaS frees developers from having to install in-house hardware and software for development or hosting.

Many PaaS providers also offer fully managed, cloud-based data services along with platform services. …

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Modern front-end development is more demanding than ever before with new design standards, code requirements, and the introduction of responsive web and mobile designs. As a result, finding ways to automate the conversion of design files into functional code can save engineering teams potentially hundreds of development hours.

While it’s true that each project and team may have their own workflow and tools for turning designs into a working product, there are some common functions and phases which are essential in any design-to-development handoff. To identify opportunities for automation, we must first understand how the current manual process works.

How to manually turn design files into code

The following is a standard process for converting application designs into real code. …

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The Overall Job Market for Developers Remains Strong Heading Into 2021

The technology industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds with ongoing technical innovation across the globe. Accordingly, the demand for top tech talent is also skyrocketing.

Despite the impact of COVID-19 on the world economy, many tech occupations experience a stable rate of hiring. In fact, one analysis revealed that job openings for cybersecurity engineers increased by 20 percent from February to March 2020, indicating an increased need for employers to defend their data and networks. Cybercriminals have taken advantage of the scattered work environment created by COVID-19 to perform phishing and various cyber-attacks.

Similarly, there is a 6 percent increase of DevOps engineer postings, which suggests that organizations are concerned about keeping their tech stack up to date and reliable even during uncertain times. Organizations will also seek cloud engineers in the coming months to further develop and secure their cloud infrastructure. …

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There are a lot of ways to implement autocomplete in React based on how the suggestions are filtered and presented. Here, you can find three Autocomplete libraries that are commonly used to implement the Autocomplete feature in React. I won’t stop there, I’ll also tell you how to implement your own autocomplete feature without using any library.

For code examples, we have used a fixed list of suggestions that are passed to the component.

You can find autocomplete components shared on Bit (Github), as well. I personally recommend you build your own component and share it on Bit to reuse in your future projects (see the last item on that list “React Autocomplete Component from Scratch”). …

Please find the quick steps below to clean up tokens which are stored in a postgres 9.4.10 Identity database.

  1. Clone the repository

git clone

If you want to check against a wum pack clone it from the below link

git clone

2. Checkout to the necessary branch

git checkout support-5.17.5

3. Navigate to the below location

4. If the database which has the table idn_oauth2_access_token is created under a postgres db schema (which is not public ) you need to add the below line 42 (below the BEGIN section ) to the .sql …

If you are using Postgres DB server with a docker image and if you want to add more users for your database there is a chance that you may encounter the error mentioned in the subject of this blog post. I will mention the quick steps that you can follow to get this resolved by resizing your shared memory allocated for the docker container.

I was able to get this resolved on top of a ubuntu 16.04 OS with the below steps.

  1. Get the docker image container ID for the relevant postgres server

sudo docker ps -a

2. Now check the allocated shm space for that conatiner id. (a1d302620d5c is the container…

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Image by André Zivic from Pixabay

Nowadays, CLIs have better designs and are much easier to work with. Even their functionality has been extended a lot. CLIs are no longer limited to hardcore programmers anymore.

In this article, we talk about how to build a CLI tool using React. We discuss two libraries that can be used for this: INK and React-Blessed.

There are many benefits to building your CLI using React. An obvious one would be to use what you already know, but another one would be to fully embrace component-driven design. This enables you to handle your CLI components the same way you would handle any other UI component. For example, you can share and reuse your CLI components in a component hub like Bit (Github). …


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