Jamal khashoogi, Imran khan and geopolitics

On 23rd of October 2018 Prime minister Imran khan walked into ritz carlton Riyadh hotel to attend the investment conference “davos of the desert” organized by saudia regime and off course “Mohammad bin salman” being the dominant showstopper of the event. When Mr.imran khan received the invitation at the last moment and decided to say “present sir” in Saudi, inexperience and unimaginative people like me question “ what we would do there because it is investment conference “ but for imran khan and co. it was something else and at the end of the first day of conference Pakistan foreign ministry announced that Saudi Arabia has pledged to help Pakistan in economic crisis and ready to give Pakistan $3billion for a period of one year for the balance of payment crisis and an additional loan worth up to $3bn in deferred payments for oil imports.

Chart Of United Nations Resolution On Yemen

This is not a very much shocking surprise to me as it is to people because few days back when in United nations a resolution was presented about “the full investigation on war crimes in Yemen “ 47 countries voted Yes/No and others choose to skip it and from the countries who said “No” to the investigation of war crimes in yemen Pakistan was one of them. YES Pakistan refuses to vote in favor of Yemenis and I wondered a lot “why and for what” I believe PTI government has answered me on that specific doubt now.

Jamal Khashoggi entering Saudi Consulate
“The death of man is tragedy but the death of the million men is statistics”.

As we all know for the past 22 days the attention of the globe is on Saudi Arabia for all the wrong reasons and one name is on the rosary of international media: Jamal khashoogi, a renowned saudian and journalist who lived in self-exile, the man who was killed viciously in Saudi consulate of Istanbul on the eve of 2 October with every day turkey leaking evidences of the murder. The whole scenario of the murder is so crystal clear now that even a blind can see “who killed him” and who orders to “get rid of this blasphemous dissenter”. For me, Saudi Arabia has never been the place to talk of human rights,fundamental rights or of any kind of rights, it’s an monorachy,an authotarian regime killing civilians in yemen,bombing schools and hospitals,endorsing salafi extremism in the world by supporting militants but after all of this; a murder of a journalist makes more noise than the blood of thousands of yemeins and one would marvel why is that ? I too wondered but the quote associated with Joseph Stalin during soviet union answered my skeptical mind, he said“The death of man is tragedy but the death of the million men is statistics”.

So there were two kind of people who were speaking of khan attending conference In Saudi while many big countries like; france,germany America boycotted it amidst the jamal khashoogi phenomenona. One stance was “we need Saudi Arabia and khan scored century “ and the second one was “ How can we be so immoral that we are begging to the butchers of dissenters”. This is something very absurd thing to suggest but I feel that the death of jamal khashoogi is probably the “most expensive” trade going on in the geopolitics. Everyone in the world is exploiting it: from turkey to Pakistan everyone is using it for their own interests. Sadly geopolitics works like that where personal feelings are shunned and the game of mindsets that people often called national interests bring to the fore and not the morality we seek all our lives.

I condemn the murder of Mr. jamal khasoogi and I condemn the killing of Yemenis also but for the champion of human rights who are calling Mr. khan a spineless leader for visiting Saudi amidst the crisis i just wanted to say that in Iraq war which was based on total lies 0.5 million Iraqis lost their lives and the participants of the war were human rights champion and morals like “America,UK,Spain,Poland” and nobody said to not to visit these countries but If you would have said it I would say the same thing back Then that unwontedly and sadly “ in geopolitics morality is only selective”.