Let’s Raise A Bunch Of Money For The ACLU During The Oscars!

If the Super Bowl can do it…

Photo via TooFab

During the Super Bowl, which I couldn’t give a stale Triscuit about, I noticed that people on Twitter were donating money to the ACLU based on events that occurred during the game. Touchdowns, sacks, penalties, etc all had corresponding dollar amounts. I tweeted at the ACLU and told them we should get something similar going for the Oscars, aka the Super Bowl for us indoor kids. They were into it.

Thus, I give you #AndTheOscarGoesACLU, fun and games for Oscar night with a charitable intent. Starting with red carpet frivolity, keep your eyes peeled for one of the items mentioned on the card. When you spot it, donate! And make sure to share what you’re doing via Twitter, Instagram, and any other place you #Resist. Feel free to share any donation-worthy potential Oscar happenings with me via Twitter, and I’ll list them below the card here. Have fun, and remember to support the hard, necessary work the ACLU does every day by donating here!

Designed by Lenny Gilmore, written by Shani Silver