Someone’s Caught Lady Mary’s Eye …

… and it’s Matthew Goode. Good choice, Ma’am, much better than those two ninnies girl-fighting like Rik and Vivien from the Young Ones over you. Couldn’t tell one from the other.

But Matthew Goode, he’s got a bit of spark about him, you won’t get away with much with him, just what you need, milady, and no mistake. I mean, you don’t need to worry about the heir to the title, your war-paralysed husband (now sadly dead after deciding to drive into an oak tree on the estate which must have been there for all of a hundred years) managed to croak one out after a miraculous recovery. George, is it? Oh no, sorry, getting my toffs mixed up, George is the imposter baby in the antipodean Bligh family (any relation to Captain Bligh, I wonder?) in the 1950s. You’ve only reached 1924 in Downton Abbey.

And the estate’s safe now that the upstart socialist chauffeur who eloped with Lady Sybil (now sadly dead ….) has introduced new farming techniques and achieved redemption. So you can spend all your time swanning off to stay in posh hotels in Liverpool with your new-fangled contraceptive devices from Marie Stopes, testing out potential husband material. Very modern, is Lady Mary.

Anyway, Matthew Goode, excellent choice for the viewers (middle-aged mums like me, who wonder how the hell their lives ended up like this), too. I came across him as the music news paper man in Dancing on the Edge, starring with another charismatic actor, Chiwetel Ejiofor. But the world probably knows him better as Ozymandias from the The Watchmen, another cracking film.

So, Idris Elba for James Bond? Jolly good idea.

(December 2014)

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