The focus on a “championship” seems to be misplaced. This is sports. This is entertainment.
Zeke Rucker

Do you have any objections to how the Timberwolves have managed their basketball team? Generally regarded by the anti-Process crowd as how to build a team, they have had sub .400 seasons for 10 of the last 11 seasons, and last year finished was just 3 more wins than the 51-game Embiid less Sixers. And that was with full seasons from KAT and Wiggins and half a season from their other young core piece LaVine.

You have a moral objection to tanking even though bad teams — and prolonged bad teams — have existed in this league since its inception.

Yet your ire is not on the league or its owners that incentivize tanking but on Hinkie.

Is constructing a team that is not designed to win many games worse than constructing a team to win games only to repeatedly not do so? Is the lack of entertainment you derive from watching a team that is not very good an acceptable tradeoff as long as they were ‘trying their best’.

Will you look back in forlorn at the last four (three when you consider last year actually was fun) when the Sixers have a sustainable, contending, ‘fun’ team for the first time in decades?

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