The “RTarmageddon” and “RTRS Hinkie truthers” are incredibly wrong, and as a native Philadelphian…
Zeke Rucker

You say you won’t live or die if the Sixers win a championship or not. I think that’s the difference.

This has been something that we have invested time, and emotion in to. Not simply to watch entertaining basketball — because that can be watched at any time — but to see our team hold aloft a trophy for city where those are few and far between.

This has been a shared experience that has transcended anything that has come out of this team, and fan base since 2001. That in and of itself has been worth it.

A championship at the end of this for Process fans would be indescribable. You yourself will feel happiness, but it won’t have the same resonance if you’re asking yourself ‘was it worth it’.

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