Follow The Money (Predictive Intelligence)
Michael B. Gilroy

hi Michael,

Great post. However I am surprised with the approach you have taken in this post. The question that need to be answered is “what tools do reps need to use in order to be successful” instead of “what tools they are using currently”. Each and every category you have mentioned here…from prospecting to BI to Contract or Data Mgmt etc, focus on “efficiency”, whereas the real challenge has moved to “effectiveness” since the advent of cloud, saas and internet in general, the pace at which companies create knowledge on product, success stories, competition etc has shrunk drastically. In your current map, you have mentioned Qstream in sales ops, brainshark and saleshood in coaching. each of these companies are competing with MindTickle (disclaimer: I work for MindTickle) and also in parallel creating the sales readiness category in order to solve the “effectiveness” problem. Would love to get your thoughts.


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