Desi Milk and Desi Milk products

Dear Customers: In the last 1.5 years, I have met with many people across Bangalore in meetings and their number one question was, where can I get high-quality desi cow milk that has purity, quality, and authenticity ??. I have spent many hours now on the quest to help customers get safe milk and milk products. I have also started privately funding milk collection from Desi cows which graze mainly in forests and the villagers have not heard of or seen imported cows. My quest for high-quality desi cow dung also helped me locate high-quality pure milk.

I am happy to announce, Mapletree farm verified authentic milk. Please read the following, before you decide to purchase this milk and milk products from Mapletree farm. This milk will be available in very limited quantities and is first come first serve. We do not want to make this a large volume commercial milk service. Less production sometimes means more focus on quality. -Shankar, Lead Farmer, Mapletree farm, Devaganapalli.

All dairy products are from:- -Free grazing Desi cow breeds only. -No artificial insemination. -No hormones or antibiotics. -Humane treatment of animals.

1. The cows are allowed to graze naturally as much as possible. 2. Calves are allowed to suck milk from the mother cow until about 4 months of its age. 3. Cows are allowed to have natural mating. 4. We keep all our calves 5. Except for a few very healthy male calves, we train other calves for agriculture work and donate it to local farmers for farm work with the condition that in case they don’t need it they will give back to us. 6. We are planning for a retirement home for cows near Hosur where the aged cows will be housed and we provide minimum support for their sustenance. 7. We provide all mandatory vaccinations given by allopathy practices. 8. First line of treatment for any illness is Ayurvedic. 9. No hormone injections are ever used. 10. Most of the animals are not tied. Even when it is tied, except for big bulls, no nose piercing rope is used.

You can order Online at from Sunday, Nov 12, 2017

Our Desi cows produce a small amount of milk per day about 2–5 liters, unlike foreign breeds such as Holstein cows that can produce up to 30 liters per day. To enable the economics to work, we want to offer you milk at introductory price of Rs 70 per liter in semi-frozen food grade pouches. Please put it in the freezer immediately on arrival to your door and then keep milk in the chiller for 12 hrs before using it to boil next day morning. You can buy your entire week’s requirement in one shot.

Taste, quality, purity, authenticity guaranteed by very limited stock and low total volume of supply per day.

For any specific questions, please WhatsApp to our customer service at 9790948235.

ORDER ONLINE at and look under Dairy for the following products

Pure Paneer: Made with same milk we supply and organic lemons. Rs 89 for 125 grams. (buy as many packets as you need).

Pure Butter Unsalted: (buy as many packets as you need).

Pure Desi Milk Semi Frozen: Rs 70 for 1 liter (buy as many liters as you need).

We have a brand by the name “vanam” which means forest, to indicate Desi cows grazing forests and nature made pasture lands and free grazing habits.

You can order Online at from Sunday, Nov 12, 2017

  • Freezing milk does not affect quality or taste or nutrition in any way
  • Thaw in the chiller in your fridge overnight for 12 hours before using milk for boiling.
  • You can use this frozen milk up to 10 days without any quality issues as long as you put it in your freezer immediately on delivery.
  • Order a sample to see the taste difference and quality.