Farmer of the week- G Kaliraj — May 5 2017

Kaliraj looking at tomatoes interplanted with palak and onions

Kaliraj comes from a humble background with 2 young brothers and a sister in their village, Aathikulam depending on his income to complete their studies. He is incredibly sincere and is the harvest leader and packing leader and also does many other tasks such as managing farm inventory and making sure all items are ready for packing. He has grown quite a bit in responsibilities in the last 2 years and meets me at 6 AM, 6 days a week to discuss harvests for that day. He is quiet, unassuming and very hardworking. He is around 20 years old. He wants to learn farming and wants to do lot of field work. But his current responsibilities in packing room and with the computer are overwhelming. He studied well but had to drop out of first year in college due to the need to help his family. He came to Mapletree farm 1.5 years before me. He left to his native village today for 5 days of annual village festival. I will miss him. Me and Karthikeyan have to do all his work when he is gone. Kaali is one of the most genuine, honest and reliable people i have met in my life. He has clean habits and is quiet and gets the job done. I am lucky to be working with him daily. Hard to find another Kaali in this planet. He makes my life as a farmer, less difficult. Thank you Kaali for helping Mapletree farm and the young farmers here. Thank you for your incredible dedication and support to our customers and fellow organic farmers. We are lucky to have you with us. — Shankar, Lead Farmer, Mapletree farm.

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