Mapletree Farm updates

I wanted to share some of the recent experiences at mapletree farm and Bangalore.

  1. We were at a yoga center at Ulsoor next to Brigade Mayfair apartments and I am sure we won the hearts of many people who attended the meeting. This meeting was part of “Know your farmer Know your food Program” . One family invited us for lunch at their restaurant and another family actually fed us lunch. Food was traditional and great and we thanked her for organizing the program and we shared a lot and we understood the experiences of the customers and their life circumstances that prevent them from ordering sometimes. Many questions were answered for customers and some folks from Gem Regency became great fans of our work at mapletree farm and are coming soon to the farm.
  2. We met Beela Joseph our customer who was generous enough to lend us a big hall in her events center to meet customers in Bangalore. The place she has developed for conducting events is truly gorgeous.
  3. I harvested potatoes and onions and was quite thrilled by the health of and vigor of these plants.
  4. We have done some breakthrough work in irrigation technologies at mapletree farm.
  5. We spent time with customers from Elita and St Johns woods and they all understood the depth of our work and dedication toward protecting our customers by working hard to ensure they get truly organic products.
  6. Recently we acquired some land that is so beautiful by the side of a river and we also leased new land as part of expanding our farm and growing more and more for our customers. This will also help us reduce prices by scaling and we will still be small because we do not want too many customers and end up not keeping them happy with our service and quality.
  7. A customer called us and explained why our vegetables are so fresh and why she quit other suppliers to buy from mapletree farm. This was heartwarming really to know that our efforts are bearing fruit. We have a stellar team here which fully understands the reason and purpose of mapletree farm.
  8. A customer wrote why she is thrilled about the quality and freshness of what she receives from us every week. So much oxygen for us to keep doing what we are doing.
  9. Our team is doing well and works hard and we are running short of people all the time as we grow. This year appears to be a very exciting time at Mapletree farm.
  10. We were at National Public School in HSR Layout recently and we were invited to conduct the “Little farmers” program for first and second grade kids. This was a thrilling and amazing experience in the middle of young minds and it melts the heart. This program is our effort to see if some young minds can be planted with the seed to become a farmer one day. To our surprise we found out that the School Principal is our customer for a long time now.
  11. Finally it appears we will secure more than 3000 tons of cow dung for production at Mapletree farm through persistent efforts from people who are our friends throughout Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Its been a lot of work to be where we are today. The work never seems to end and we never seem to get tired at all.
  12. I recently packed our own farm fresh milk for customers and the experience of doing it was amazing. We have so many hard working people here at Mapletree farm who continue working till 10 pm although they started work at 5:30 AM. I never asked them to do all this. So much love here.

-Shankar — Founder & Lead Farmer @ Mapletree farm.